Outfits for When the Weather is Way Too Hot - Guest Post

Outfits for When the Weather is Way Too Hot

Hot Weather Outfits
Hot Weather Outfits

​There comes a time every year when people all look outside and wonder if, just this once, a bikini and some sunscreen are the only appropriate attire for leaving the house. Unfortunately, the realities of life tend to get in the way, and school, work, and other responsibilities make it impossible to dress for comfort all the time.
It may be easier than you think to make sure you’re dressed for the temperature, so check out some of the cute outfit ideas in this post and head out the door into the sweltering heat.
General Guidelines
Natural fibers and light colors are essentials in the heat here, as both they and you will fare better during the hotter months. The only thing more vital is sun protection – with the intensity, not to mention duration, of the Australian sun, you should invest in some on-trend layering. Light but limb-covering clothing will serve you well when the evenings get chilly and keep your skin protected from one of those peeling burns that make every movement painful.

Obviously, you’re going to want some good, minimalist tanks and a collection of bathing suits to match your moods to survive a summer down under. A patterned, one-piece suit makes the perfect top for a skirt or shorts. You can also choose looser attire to provide some airflow. Flowing tops — even when they’re sleeveless — help create a more formal look that’s better for work or holiday events.
It sounds impossible when the air is already the same temperature as your morning coffee, but unless you’re planning on spending your entire day outside, a light cardigan or loose kimono top will keep you comfortable in the air conditioned indoor environment.
Shorts will serve you well during the warmer months, and you can get a lot of mileage out of a single pair once it gets hot out. Choosing jean shorts for a day on the beach is great, but you can also opt for a printed pair that’s appropriate for formal environments.
For those who like them, summer is perfect skirt weather. Whether you’re wearing a maxi for sun protection or a mini for some flirty fun, skirts are versatile, cooling, and ideal for the heat. If your plans involve something more physically intense, you may prefer a good pair of khakis or capris to optimize comfort between temperature and protection.​


​​Dresses or rompers are the best choices if you need something versatile. You’ll find the most variety in materials, cut, and colors in this category. Choose a loose fitting linen dress or a backless cotton jumpsuit to keep your look elegant and breezy.
The impending start of sweltering weather gives you the perfect excuse to refresh your wardrobe – not that you needed one. Amp up these basics with some fun accessories to ensure your look is always on point!