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how to dress like a french woman over 50

french woman over 50
french woman over 50

As a woman crosses her fifties, she probably has been wondering how to dress like a French woman over fifty. Many times over the past few years, I have written articles for dressing older women in sexy and fabulous fashion. The main consideration is choosing clothing that is flattering, comfortable and attractive. For women over fifty, choosing something stylish and upscale may be more challenging. However, there are options for those who are fashion conscious and have a taste for fine clothing.

One of the ways how to dress like a French woman over 50 is to purchase items that include simple pieces like a basic black or navy mini skirt in dark colors. Mini skirts are an elegant style that can easily be teamed with simple office wear like a blouse and jacket. You can also carry this style with you when you attend upscale parties or dinner events.

how to dress like a french woman over 50

If you are a bit creative, you can carry this look into other areas of your wardrobe as well. Mini skirts can also work great with pencil skirts or other dressy tops. The French refer to pants and jeans as loungers. Therefore, it makes sense to pair a classic black mini skirt with a pair of denim jeans. Simple accessories such as an Italian leather clutch will further bring this designer apparel together.

The key to pulling off how to dress like a French woman over fifty starts with accessorizing with timeless pieces. The classic pieces that are worn by women over the age of fifty are simple and elegant. The pieces include neckties, cardigans, belts and sweaters. Accessories are simple as well, and can include jewelry, sunglasses, hats and glasses.

The style of pants that are most often worn by older ladies is tailored. Tailored pants are great for women who do not want to wear their age into their appearance. A tailored style is easy to maintain and is classic. When wearing pants, it is best to avoid pants that are too baggy or that have too many buttons. A great option for a tailored pant is a pair of straight-lined pants. These styles will provide a level of fashion while staying true to the elegance of the French style.

Another classic style that is always in style is a pair of French tweed blazers. Tweed blazers are considered to be stylish, elegant and appropriate for any age. They are great for wearing with jeans or leggings. Many tweed blazers are available in a casual style and a tailored version. For a truly unique look, consider pairing a pair of tweed blazers with a pair of denim jeans.

The third item on the list of items to purchase when looking for how to dress like a French woman is a classic navy blue and black suit. The basic style of a navy blue and black suit is crisp and professional. Pair a nice pair of pants with a nice blazer or a jacket for a polished look. For a slightly edgier look, pair a dark, skinny cut jacket with a lighter shade of blue. For the ultimate in comfort, try buying a pair of navy velvet pants with a cardigan or sweater over top.

The fourth item on the list of items needed to dress like a French woman is a classic white shirt. This timeless style is often worn with a pair of slim black pants. For a truly fashionable look, don a pair of slim black pants and a classic white shirt. For a more relaxed or casual look, don a pair of white or gray skinny jeans. A versatile piece of clothing such as these will serve the purpose of adding different outfits in a one-of-a-kind look.

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