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how to legally annoy your hoa


If you live in a condo, it is always good to know how to legally annoy your HOA. This is something that some people never bother to think about. While it is not advisable to completely break all the rules, sometimes there can be certain times when you just wish to annoy your HOA in a way that payback for all the inconveniences they might have caused you. With that being said, here are a few tips on how to do so but still send the proper message to your HOA to get the point across! These tips will go a long way to keeping your frustration in check.

One of the first things that you need to remember is that you cannot legally be an ass. Yes, this goes without saying. It is perfectly within your rights to call your HOA association and express your displeasure over the rules that they have in place. You cannot, however, initiate legal action against them without first speaking with them. Most of the time, homeowners find themselves in a bit of a pickle when the issue of initiating legal action fails to come up through the proper channels. The key to avoiding this problem is to be prepared and keep your cool.

If you have created enough of a disturbance that you feel is worth seeing some legal action done, it may come down to creating change through other means. Some people hate to call their HOA association board and tell them what they think of their rules. For others, the idea of talking to people who work at the association has them annoyed to the point that calling the police is preferable to simply ignoring them. If you have done something illegal, but not in a criminal way, then ignoring it may not be a bad idea. On the other hand, if you have crossed the line and created a nuisance or a legal issue, calling the police is the best solution for the situation.

If you are not sure what the board members think of your activities, it can be helpful to take pictures or videos of the things that you are doing that violate the rules. If the rules are clearly outlined, writing them down can help people see the lines you are crossing. Remember, though, that taking pictures or video of anything that the HOA requires you to do is not a violation. However, it may get you in some hot water if your camera or video camera is taken secretly. For example, if you are planning on installing solar panels or putting up solar sights, it is a violation to tape people without their knowledge.

Another common issue among property owners is poor maintenance of the properties in the association’s backyard. While many HOAs take care of regular maintenance issues, there are some that may have more lax rules. For example, if a tree on the edge of a homeowner’s lot is growing too fast, cutting it back is usually allowed. While this may annoy neighbors, it may be worth it in the long run because it can create change in the value of the home.

A big part of creating change is to make the association accept change willingly. Sometimes people get annoyed when told that rules must be followed whether they like it or not. In addition, building rules may be changed to accommodate a new lifestyle choice or to better match the neighborhood. This is a great way to get your house accepted into the neighborhood. Since building rules are usually created by the homeowners association, it can be very beneficial to work with the board to make changes.

One of the most annoying aspects of owning a home in a subdivision is dealing with the typical rules that homeowners associations expect from property owners. For example, on a common floor plan, each individual lot will be responsible for its own electrical work, yard maintenance, and grass control. Because of this, it can become extremely difficult to go to the board and ask for help on anything. If you have more than two lots and are having problems with how to legally annoy your hot neighbors, you may need to hire an attorney to draw up the necessary paperwork. Although you may think that asking to change the rules once is sufficient, it is important to realize that there are usually several additional requests that must be made before your request to join the subdivision is granted.

In addition to how to legally annoy your hot neighbors, another thing that you can do to drive them crazy is to keep the yard in tip top shape. This is probably the easiest way to irritate your neighbors to the point that they will start looking for some help. The easiest way to achieve this is to mow the yard. Asking how to keep the yard in order is an important question to ask, so don’t hesitate to ask. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with your neighbors for cutting their grass too short.

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