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How to Measure a Necklace

Measure a Necklace
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There are a few ways to measure a necklace. The length of the necklace you’re interested in buying should be measured in a marketable length. Measurements in the United States are usually in inches. In other parts of the world, necklace measurements are in centimeters. You can take measurements in either unit or round up to the nearest centimeter if you’re not sure. After measuring your necklace, you can choose the proper length and purchase the piece.

Your height

Your height is a factor to consider when measuring a necklace. While shorter women can wear any length necklace, taller women may find that a necklace that is 20 inches or longer is too long for them. As a result, shorter women should stick to a shorter length chain. Also, consider the shape of your face and body when choosing the appropriate necklace length. For average-height women, the recommended length for a necklace is between 20 inches and 25 inches.

Your bust

Before you begin choosing a new necklace, you’ll need to determine the length of the existing necklace on your bust. You can measure the length of your necklace using a string, ribbon, or tape measure. Place the string or tape measure around your neck, then measure the distance from its ends to where the pendant should rest on your bust. You can use a safety pin to hold the ends together.

Your neck

First, measure the length of your neck, either extended or clasped. If you don’t know your neck circumference, you can measure it using a flexible measuring tape. Keep a finger between the measuring tape and your skin when you measure your neck. Make sure to measure from your shoulder bone to your clavicle bone. This will help you visualize the length of the necklace you are considering.