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How to Measure For the Elements Waist Short

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The Elements Waist Short is the perfect pair of shorts for active and lounging. This short has a pull-on design and makes a great companion to a lightweight hoodie. This short is designed for both men and women and is available in several colors and styles. Read on to learn how to measure for these shorts.

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Measure your waist at your natural waistline

Your natural waist is the narrowest part of your waist, often located just below the ribcage. Measure this area with a tape measure. It may be slightly higher or lower than your actual waist, but it is important for a proper fit. Stand up straight and relax your stomach before taking your measurement.

The natural waistline is between the bottom of your rib cage and your hip bone. Depending on your genetics, your waistline can be bigger or smaller than your actual waist. If it is bigger, you may be carrying extra abdominal fat and may have a higher risk of obesity-related health issues.

Measure the front rise

When purchasing a new pair of waist shorts, the first step is to measure the waist. You can do this by placing the shorts on a flat surface. Pull the front waistband upwards until it’s flush with the back waistband, and then measure from there. Multiply this measurement by two to get the circumference. The front rise of the waist shorts should measure about one-and-a-half inches above the crotch seam.

If the front rise is too high, you can also measure the shorts’ thigh width. Measure the width of the shorts’ thigh between the side seam and three inches below the crotch seam. If you can’t find the measurements in these measurements, you can find the waistband width by measuring across one leg.

Measure the leg area

When choosing the right waist short size, it is important to take the measurements at the crotch and leg openings. To do this, lay the shorts out on a flat surface while standing up. Then lay a measuring tape at the top of the waistband. Measure across the outer thigh from the side seam to the crotch seam. Then, double this measurement to get the total circumference and length.

To measure the leg area, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. You should be wearing athletic shoes. Take a measurement from the top of your inner leg to the floor. Then, repeat the same procedure on the other leg. Once you have the two measurements, average them.