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how to remove self tanner

self tanner

how to remove self tanner

Have you been searching for “How To Remove Self Tanner”? I’ve tried quite a few and have found that the best ones are those that actually work. If you find the right one, it will last a very long time.

Toothpaste – This is probably another one that should be retailed at your local pharmacy, but only lately have seen it at some retail stores. If you’re going to go the route of self-tanner, make sure and use baking soda on the dry areas. Once you are using the product, rub it on, allow it to sit for a few minutes and then rinse off with warm water. This has worked great on me, but again, be certain to use caution with this one.

Straightening Flakes – Did you know that you can get these brown streaks by rubbing a piece of aluminum foil over the tanned area? It works pretty well but isn’t always true that it removes uneven patches. There are also whitening toothpastes that will work just as well. Be careful though, as these can get expensive. I used one for about a month and only spent a couple of dollars.

Whitening Powders – I’m not totally sure how effective these powders really are, however, I did see a noticeable difference in my tans after I used them. I would recommend these, especially if you’re looking for a more inexpensive way to whiten your skin. I used hydrogen peroxide based toothpaste, which costs about two bucks. I would suggest that you purchase the whitening toothpaste rather than the toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide, as the peroxide can burn your gums if you don’t rinse properly.

Self Tanner Kits – Finally, you can try a home remedy made out of lemon juice and white vinegar. I haven’t tried this one, but from what I read on the web, it may be a good idea. I just wet my hands with the lemon juice, applied the cotton ball to my mouth and worked it in with my hands for a few minutes. I didn’t get great results, but it seemed to work. I will continue to experiment, but I am thinking that these kits are worth a shot. Just make sure that you dry your skin completely after applying and you should be all right.

So how do you remove your tan safely? Well, as mentioned before, the best way is by exfoliating regularly. You want to exfoliate at least twice per week, once when you shower and again right before bed. Exfoliation will help remove all of the dead skin cells on your body, giving you a clean and healthy look.

Exfoliation doesn’t have to be a difficult process though. It is important to not scrub too hard or too often during your exfoliation. The purpose of exfoliation is to get rid of all of the dead skin cells, so you don’t have a build up. But you also want to remove the redness as well.

What you will need for your exfoliation are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, and white vinegar. The ingredients can be purchased at any store that has a beauty supply section. I like to keep a supply on hand because I will always need some for DIY projects, or if I see a product that I think will work for me.

After exfoliating, you will want to rinse your face very thoroughly. You may find that this takes a few hours, but you want to rinse out all of the dead skin cells. To rinse your skin, you will want to take about two tablespoons of the white vinegar and mix it in with eight ounces of warm water. Stir the mixture until the vinegar has dissolved into the water.

Then you just have to rinse your hands under warm water to dry them. Once your hands are dry, you can then apply the how to remove self tanner from palms using the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It will still have a bit of an odor, so you may want to let it sit overnight to reduce the odor.

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