How to Turn a Square Bum Into a Round One

Round bum
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If you have a square bum, there are several ways you can turn it round. Diet, exercise, and even surgery are just a few options. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the most common methods for sculpting your body. Ultimately, the best method is the one that works for you. But if you’re not ready to do surgery or risk any type of surgery, there are some simple exercises you can do to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.


Turning a square bum into a round one is not impossible if you follow some tips. You can achieve the desired shape by following simple exercises daily. By following some simple tips, you can achieve a sexier, more toned, and sleeker physique. Read on to learn more. The first step to turning a square bum into a round one is to trim your waist. For this purpose, pelvis rotation and waist reduction exercises are great. These exercises will not only make your bum rounder, but will also help you trim your waist while strengthening your lower back.

Lunges target your glutes and make your butt rounder. When you perform lunges, your gluteus maximus works intensively. Lunges also improve your hip range of motion, so they’re good for improving your overall shape. To do a lunge, you need to be stable, with a straight back and a 90-degree knee angle. Also, your feet need to be flat on the floor.


A Diet to turn a square bum in a round one should concentrate on exercises that target the waist area. By trimming this area, you will have a rounded bottom. Exercises like the lunge with pelvic rotation target the waist and lower back, while the most popular ab exercises target the midsection. A square bum is usually caused by excess fat distribution around the glutes and upper buttocks. However, a square bum can be improved by reducing waist size and strengthening glutes.

Those who want to get a round bum can tone the glutes by doing exercises such as walking, running, jogging, or doing other exercises. Pilates is another great exercise to tone the glutes and improve core strength. The exercises are full of small repetitive movements that help you build muscle without stressing your abdominals. By doing rotation lunges, you can turn a square bum into a round one.


If you’d like to have a more attractive bum, you may want to consider surgery to turn a square bum into rounded one. The procedure is known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, and it can dramatically change the shape of your buttocks. Patients with this type of bum will notice an improved, fuller backside, and a rounder booty. If you have a square bum, your fat is distributed over your lower midsection and your hip bone is higher than the rest of your body, you may want to consider a Brazilian Butt Lift to improve your overall appearance.

People who have square bums generally have flat sides and a flat bottom, which can make them appear masculine. Many complain about the lack of curves in their clothing, and struggle with the distribution of their body fat around the waist. The most effective solution to this problem is surgery to turn a square bum into a round one. The procedure involves fat grafting to give you a rounder buttock.


There are a number of different cardio exercises that you can do to tone your bum. One great choice is incline walking, which is good for building a round bum and burning calories. If you prefer a more challenging workout, you can use a treadmill to switch between inclines and create circuits. If you prefer biking, try a spin class. It’s a great way to tone your bum while burning fat.

Exercises to tone your glutes can help turn a square bum into a rounded one include squats and lunges. You should also try Pilates to help strengthen your lower back. This exercise can help tone your bum while improving your posture and overall strength. You should also try Pilates to get a round bum. Exercises like Pilates and cardio can help shape your bum.


If you’ve ever wondered whether or not yoga can turn a square bum into rounded, read on for tips from three plus-size fitness experts. Jessica Rihal is a plus-size yoga instructor who’s a proponent of fitness for everyone. Shauna Harrison, a Bay Area trainer, public health academic, and SELF columnist, is another plus-size expert. Devon Stewart, a yoga instructor and sexual and reproductive health doula, is another expert.

Whether your bum is round or square depends largely on your genes and physical shape. If you’re naturally square, chances are you hold onto fat in the lower ab area and upper part of the glutes. While yoga exercises can increase your hip size and tone the outer part of your bum, you should stick with yoga or pilates. The muscles of the glutes are divided into three parts: the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and the buttocks. The gluteus medius starts at the lower back and wraps around to the side of the hip.


When Kourtney Kardashian wants a round bum, she turns to Pilates. The method is great for toning, stretching, and flexibility – all key ingredients for shaping a round bum. Kardashian’s trainer Jesse O’Hara shares seven Pilates moves that she does at home to help her clients achieve a rounder bum. He shares his top tips and tricks for improving the shape of your bum, too.

Pilates exercises help activate your glutes. The three primary muscles that make up the butt are the glute medius, minimus, and max. Pilates exercises help strengthen and activate these muscles, resulting in a more defined rear and a rounder bottom. While many exercise routines focus on the glute max and minimus, Pilates also includes exercises that target the glute medius and rectus abdominis, which are responsible for shaping your bum.