How to Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils
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It’s no more a secret why women looked so pretty during ancient times.  They did so by bringing the essence of nature to their skincare.

Earlier, these natural herbs were readily available, but today it might not be that easy to get them.

But it doesn’t imply that you have to remain deprived of these herb’s benefits. Now you can also give their richness to your skin in the form of essential oils.

No matter what kind of skin you have, be it oily, dry, sensitive, or combination, you can always find an aromatherapy oil that suits your skin.

Want to know more about these oils?

Then read on this earthy selection guide as we tell you about its advantages, some of the best essential oils for skin, and many more.

What are Essential Oils?    

Aromatherapy oils are sourced from the natural extracts of plants, leaves, and flowers. They carry in them the plant’s fragrance, elixir, and utility.

They have proved of great value in treating various skin-related concerns.

Some of the best ones are Lavender, Sandalwood, Rosemary, Geranium, Lemon, and Tea Tree.

Exemplary Benefits of Essential Oils

Listed below are some of the essential oil usesthat can bestow you with a healthy being.

1) Focus on Your Wellness

 Your busy schedule and bustling city lives may be the reason for your stress, tension, and anxiety.

All of it leads to headaches, muscle tension, and pain making you feel tired and dull.

These oils cheer up your mood by helping you get rid of all of these problems.   

Moreover, by applying them to your skin or by directly inhaling them, you can have that tension-free sleep at night, keeping you refreshed for the upcoming day.

2) Expereince that Youthful Skin

You may be worried about the signs of aging showing on your skin much ahead of time.

You cannot get a better remedy than these oils to reduce the effects of premature aging, due to which you may have to cover up your skin.

Moreover, they can help you do away with fine lines and wrinkles, letting you experience that gleaming skin.

Besides this, oils like pomegranate work miraculously in making your skin tone lighter and fairer.


3) A treatment for Acne-Prone Skin

Blemishes are a constant source of irritation and frustration for every other girl.

If not cured on time, they can bring havoc to your skin in the form of pimples, spots, blackheads, and what-not.

So the best way to heal your skin from these inflammatory skin troubles is none other than oils such as frankincense and cinnamon.


Also, these oils will save your skin from severe types of acne like cysts and nodules.


4)  Enjoy silky-smooth skin

All those harsh soaps, hot showers, varied weather conditions like winter, and rain may be taking a toll on your skin.

It may make your skin dehydrated, owing to which your skin loses its moisture rapidly.

So to lock in that moisturization for a longer time frame, you need something to keep your skin hydrated, for which lavender oil works effectively. 

You can also opt for chamomile oil, which claims to give bouncy and velvety skin, 


5) Give your hair a natural shine

You may be wanting to try different hairstyles, giving you a distinct look every time.

But you may not be able to do so due to hair fall, dandruff, flakiness, making your hair thin and rough.

Now you can flaunt your hair the way you want by offering them the nourishment of rosemary, cedarwood, or tea tree oil.

They contribute to hair growth, letting you relish that voluminous and glossy hair.

Earthy Selections – Enjoy the Goodness of Essential Oils

Earthy Selections has always endeavored towards showering you with the goodness of mother nature by its whole range of organic products.

These products, which we have listed below, let you take advantage of one or other best aromatherapy oils.


You may be knowing that toning is one of the essential steps of your daily skincare regime.

And you need a toner that tightens up your pores plus gives your skin the required hydration, and this mist does precisely that.

This natural refresher infused with prominent oils like lavender and geranium promises you soft and smooth skin that you can’t resist touching.


Your hair needs the most tender care to look at its best, which this natural shampoo can give.

You can figure out from its name that it strengthens your hair by infusing them with vital herbs’ qualities.

Also, it saves your skin against dandruff, hair fall, and infection, giving you the confidence to keep them untied-up all day long.


When you choose everything best, then why compromise when it comes to your skin.

Nourish your skin with various essential nutrients with this facial and hair oil.

Besides, it is a permanent solution to various skin troubles like wrinkles and acne.

 Soaked with linoleic acid and omega -6 Fatty acid, it claims to make your skin and hair healthier than ever before.


Regular exposure to the Sun can make your skin lose its originality leaving it tanned and sunburned.

You need something that undo the damage caused by the Sun along with brightening your skin, for which this mask fits the bill.

Packed with Sandalwood, calming properties, and lavender healing properties against dark spots and blemishes, it is a gateway for a lightened skin tone.


Give your lips extra love with the moisturizing properties of rose-infused in this serum.

It will let you have those rosy lips which are on every girl’s wish list by minimizing the pigmentation and cheapness.

Additionally, it will plump up your lips by minimizing the effects of fine lines and deeply nourish your skin, giving your lips its natural texture.



We hope this essential oil use guide  has given you enough evidence about why your skin and hairs need these oils ?

So, don’t wait for the right time to reap their benefits. Incorporate these fantastic products into your beauty regime, and get that pretty picture look.