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How to Wear A Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses have been going in and out of fashion for years. However, many ladies cannot seem to let go off this classic style without a fight! It’s really simple to understand why. Fashionable bodycon dresses are the go-tos for those who need to get all dressed up but don’t want to put in too much effort in the process.

Bodycon clothes are made from special materials that hold and support your figure and help you look good. They come in various colors that are designed to flatter different figures. They are most ideal for trimming and shaping the abdominal region, and reducing and accentuating the mid-section. Here are some of the ways you can wear bodycon clothing, according to your needs:

Full-bust bodycon dresses fit snugly around your waist, with an empire waist or sweetheart shape. The bodice of these dresses hugs your stomach, providing a perfect shape. For a more fitted look, tuck your panty lines under the bustline. To create a shapewear effect, make sure the fabric of the body con dress is clingy; something that will not stick to your tummy. You can choose from transparent, to see through fabric, sheer, and a variety of colors such as black, grey and pink.

A bodycon dress with a natural waistline can help minimize the appearance of cellulite, especially if you are wearing a short skirt. To achieve the slimming effect, pull your waistline into your hips. For a sporty look, tuck the waistline into your hips using a decorative buckle or hook and eye closure. This type of dress is great for the summer because you can wear it almost anywhere.

The most flattering style for a bodycon dress is a straight look with a high heel. High-heeled shoes with a thin material are very flattering for your legs, particularly if you wear stockings underneath. To pull off this look effectively, opt for a heel that is not too high – you want the focus to be on your calves, rather than your heels. Wearing flats to go with your boots or heels can also create the same effect. Choose a neutral colored pair of heels, preferably in a neutral color such as black or nude for best results.

Another feature to consider is the neckline of your bodycon dress. When worn properly, a fitted neckline can help conceal cellulite, especially around the waist. There are several neckline options available, including V-necklines, sweetheart necks, and ruffled shapes. For a casual, flirty look, try wearing your dress with no accessories at all, with the addition of some heels and a clutch for a trendy, fun look. If you prefer a more fitted neckline, choose a fabric that flatters your figure and has a natural curve.

A bodycon dress can be worn as a stand alone piece or it can be paired with a pair of shorts or leggings. Here are some styling tips to help you achieve the look you are going for. For a bold look, team a metallic silver strappy sandal with a metallic silver skinny jeans pair for an eye-catching outfit. Wear your strappy sandal with a matching clutch bag for a modern and sophisticated look.

For a more dressed up look, try wearing your strapless bodycon dress with a flattering belt. If you do not want to wear a belt, you could opt for an off shoulder cardigan or a long cardigan instead. To complete the look, add some high heel shoes, boots, or stockings with a nice cardigan. These glamorous styling tips will ensure that you make a bold fashion statement that you will love!