No one would guess the struggle you go through while looking like a million bucks! A saree is the only attire, balancing its uniqueness and splendor, keeps its authenticity. From Gujarati to Maharashtrian style, every woman cherishes to learn the tricks of wearing the saree at times, when required.

The glamorous look of the saree is augmented when draped properly, else it significantly leaves you embarrassed at the specific moment. With the sprinting tide of trying the sarees in Bollywood, each draping style has come up with its elegance and uniqueness. Though, it has been prevailing from the antiquated sarees, but gone are those days when designers remained stuck to the benarsi or silk. It is the innovative tide of precious stones viz, diamond, gold, silver, etc. Such types of revolutions make you more captivated towards the saree.

Saree is the gorgeous quotient to augment the glory of a woman. It is an elongated fabric piece along with the matching pallu and the intricately adorned blouse that defines the splendor of a girl, especially in any occasion or some light party. Hybrid styles of saree draping keep it matchless apparel with its unique shadow remains identical. The draping style of saree varies from region to region, as a girl always cherish to engulf a saree in its own tradition and custom.

The heterogenous saree draping style

You are a professional girl and an event is going to organize in your professional campus and it’s the theme-specific event, its ethnic wear. Now it’s time to ponder upon the saree draping style. Numerous parameters have to be taken into account whilst choosing a saree and then after its draping style. In fact, the Bollywood industry set up new dimensions for the saree and other ethnic or casual wears. A girl can additionally enhance its glimpse by just selecting a wearing style after selecting saree as the desired one.

Usually, saree draping is initiated by tying the knot on the right side of the abdomen and passed around the waist in a circular motion. The other step to prepare the pleats at the front and finally arranging the pallu with the fine and chic length. Yet, according to the arena, the draping trend varies. 

·       Gujarati style: Initiating from the west side of India, lets us instigate with the Guajrati trend or we can name it-“seedha pallu”. It is the most delicate technique that is usually profound in Gujrat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. It is similar to the common draping style, but instead of opening to the left, the pleats are stuck to make it openly free at the right. 

·       Bengali Style: It is the most renowned wrapping style. Actually, it is a pleatless type. It is wrapped around the waist and then  brought from back to the right side and then pallu is thrown to the left shoulder. Then the pallu is cast over the right shoulder, as a final touch. A Bengali girl, herself, symbolizes her dressing style. 

·       Maharashtrian Style: It is the famous Bollywood style saree wrap. You can easily see such type of saree wrapping in the television industry. It is 8-9 yard meter, longer than the common fragment of saree and usually identical to the dhoti style, with somewhat part between the legs to divide the saree.  It is of rare assortment in the current scenario and seen in festive season only. 

·       Lehanga style: It is a blend of the lehanga and saree in somewhat the Indo Western style. Instigate with the one saree round wrap on your petticoat and then start making smaller pleats. Smaller the pleats, more number of kalis with beautifully-adorned embroidery. Start making pleats under the right arm and till the back and tuck inside the petticoat. Give a final and a gorgeous touch by taking the pallu over your right shoulder as for the sidha pallu. 

·       Tamil style: It is somewhat identical to the Maharashtriyan style, but it engraves the pleats too. The pleats are positioned around the left leg. The residual material is taken over the left shoulder and draped once more around the waist and then finally tuck on the left side. 

·       Double drape: Want to try Mumtaz saree style, but fear to walk, then this is the most suitable option for you. The bottom portion remains the same leaving the pallu. Now fold 3/4th of the pallu in accordance with the length and wrap it around the waist and then the second wrap, however, a little bit different, take it under the right arm and over the left shoulder as for the Ulta pallu. This is the most favorable way to dress like Mumtaz saree style and still move freely.

All the saree styles are heterogeneous in harmony with the contemporary trends and enhance the glimpse, a woman looks like. One of the lucrative aspects is to select a saree according to your body structure. This drastically impacts your glamour.