How to Wear Stacking Rings | Guest Post

How to Wear Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings

There are several ways to wear stacking rings. Among them are tying rings together with a string of the same color as the metal, mixing and matching different shapes, and using gemstones to create a focal point. Then there’s the option of mixing and matching different styles of rings. Alternatively, you can choose to wear the rings with different metals. Whatever the case, the following tips will help you choose the right combination for your style.

Tie rings together with a string in the same color as the metal

This technique is not permanent, but is an easy way to keep two rings together. Simply tie them together with a string of the same color as the metal. The string should be long enough to tie both rings securely. After the tying is complete, cut the extra length of the string, leaving the other part of the string untied. You can then wear the two rings as a pair.

Mix metals

For those who love mixing metals, it’s a great way to create an interesting look. Although it may be intimidating for someone who is used to wearing one type of metal, mixing different metals can help you create a unique style. The confidence you have in mixing different metals will depend on the size and shape of the pieces. Mixing delicate pieces with bolder ones can make a big statement. Listed below are some tips for mixing metals.

Create a focal point with a gemstone

While wearing multiple rings is a great way to add sparkle to your look, it can also make your stack look overcrowded. A few key tips for stacking rings are: vary the width of the rings you wear, and don’t wear too many. If you’re going to be stacking several rings, go up a size or two if you’re planning to wear more than one.

Stack rings of the same shape and style

One classic and elegant way to stack rings is to layer them with the same shape and style. One classic stack is a ring with a round diamond. These rings can be of many different shapes and sizes. Stacking rings of the same style can add elegance to any ensemble. Rings can also be stacked in multiples, and if you prefer to wear one of each, try mixing and matching different rings with the same style and shape.

Stack rings of the same material

One of the simplest and most practical ways to layer a ring collection is by stacking rings of the same material. Stacking rings is a great way to add a personal touch to an outfit, and there are countless designs available to suit every style and taste. Rings remain a classic statement piece of jewellery, and hold great meaning to those who wear them. Stacking rings has taken the world by storm, but you must know the right way to stack them to get the best effect.