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5 Venue Planning Tips for an Instagram-Worthy Wedding

Instagram-Worthy Wedding
Instagram-Worthy Wedding

​A picture-perfect wedding might seem very easy to achieve, but the professionals say otherwise.

For instance, no one can control the weather. Even if the forecast says that the weather is great on your wedding day, it is does not totally guarantee that the rain won’t fall suddenly. However, wedding planners in Dubai say that snow, wind, and rain can actually add so much charm to your photos. There are creative ways for you to turn unexpected events into something memorable and candid.
Moreover, Instagram-worthy photos don’t need to be very expensive. All you have to do is to find the best venue and work with the right suppliers to make your big day a truly beautiful one indeed.

How to Make Your Wedding Venue Picture-Perfect1. Use breathtaking backdrops Backdrops play a huge role in making your photos look stunning. Here are some ideas you can try:
A. Chalkboard
Personalize a blackboard with your wedding location, names, and some love quotes using chalk-style paint.
B. Flowers
You can use paper flowers in different shapes and sizes to create a gorgeous photo area. You can also make use of fresh flowers to create a flower wall.
C. Arch
Repurpose your ceremony arch for the reception by creating a beautiful area where you and your guests can take snapshots.
D. Polaroid
A life-size Polaroid is not only quirky and fun, but is also cost-effective.
E. Marquee Letters
Use giant marquee letters to spell out a sweet phrase. This offers a “wow” factor and has a retro vibe.
2. LightingMake sure that the lighting equipment can be changed or adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding and photographs. If the venue has plenty of windows, plan a layout or arrangement based on the amount of light that comes in at different times of the day.
Good lighting will do great wonders as this helps set the right mood. Also, it allows decorations to shine more, thus creating a magical look.
3. Professional StylingFor weddings to become more elegant and stunning, proper styling is very crucial. And although you can do the styling yourself, hiring someone who has extensive knowledge and skill to perform the job on your behalf is still your best choice. Event stylists and florists know which of the many flower variants work well together, along with what accompaniments to combine with blooms. Moreover, they are the masters in terms of color harmony. You can be assured that your wedding will have a striking unified theme if you let them do their job.
4. Hire a photo boothA photo booth is a great way to capture candid photos like those from famous nuptials. Weddings are indeed some of the most ideal events for setting up a quirky photo booth with props that match the theme of your big day. Encourage your guests to strike a pose (or several!) for unique, cool photos.
5. Lunch over dinnerInstead of having an evening wedding reception, consider hosting a daytime wedding since this is less expensive. Also, this will allow your guests to have optimal lighting conditions to capture stunning Instagram photos of your special day.
Wedding guests will most likely share images of your special day through their Instagram accounts. With the above-mentioned Dubai wedding venue planning tips, you can definitely make your wedding Instagram-worthy.
Dora Helmeczi
From 2008, with the creation of Budapest Wedding, Dora has successfully organised hundreds of destination weddings in Hungary. The agency is now one of the biggest in the Hungarian market and is considered the country’s only high-end wedding planning office. Dora’s partner Gabriel Gilbert came onboard in 2015, and working intently to extend their offices, in 2016 they launched Dubai Wedding — their bid to become a globally recognised name in planning outstanding weddings.