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How To Take Care Your Fashion Jewellery


Artificial or fashion jewellery is popular with both, men and women of the modern century, this is probably because of its budget-friendly prices and durability. Despite the fact of its durability, you do want to take care of it, so that it will last a long time. It is important to maintain and take care of your fashion jewellery so that it does not lose its sheen and it lasts you a long time. Here are some tips that you can use to keep your fashion jewellery in the best shape. 

. Keep your fashion jewellery dry

In order to maintain the sheen and lustre of fashion jewellery, keep it dry at all times. Avoid wearing fashion jewellery when you are in contact with water. Remove all your fashion jewellery while swimming, washing up after dinner or taking a shower. You would also want to not want to expose your fashion jewellery to water-based products such as cream, chemical product, perfume, and lotions.

2. Store fashion jewellery carefully 

If not maintained or stored properly, fashion jewellery can break or get damaged. To protect fashion jewellery from damage, store it well. Use cotton pouches or metal or wooden boxes to place each fashion jewellery piece neatly. You can also use a soft pouch to store fashion rings, earrings and bracelets. Avoid storing all your fashion jewellery together, especially necklaces and chains, as they can entangle together. Never leave fashion jewellery lying around exposed to dust or water, both elements can destroy them.

3. Clean your fashion jewellery regularly

It is important that you care for the fashion jewellery you own, therefore you have to keep the jewellery you own clean and tidy. Use jewellery polishes, these are not harsh, so they do not cause harm, you can also use a soft cloth to wipe off dust after you’ve worn the jewellery and store them back into the box or pouch.

4. Give it a break

If you wear fashion or artificial jewellery regularly, the chances of discolouration are high. A good way of maintaining its longevity is by wearing fashion jewellery less frequently. Wear them to special occasions, or when you want to instead of everyday use.

5. Avoid spraying perfumes on your fashion jewellery 

Avoid spraying perfumes on fashion jewellery, the chemicals in them can cause damage or harm. The same applies to hairsprays and other beauty products, avoid spraying and using them on fashion jewellery.

6. Tarnish prevention 

If not stored properly, fashion jewellery can get tarnished. To prevent fashion jewellery from tarnishing, wrap them in tissue paper before storing in boxes or pouches. You can also use soft cloth or eyeglasses cleaning cloth to wrap your jewellery safely and prevent it from getting tarnished.

Although they are durable, if not stored or maintained, fashion jewellery can get tarnished. To keep your fashion jewellery in prime condition, we suggest you use the tips we have mentioned in the section above.

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