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5 winter 16 Jewellery Trends

Jewellery Trends
Jewellery Trends

Guest Post By: My name is Natalie Pro and I represent my start up project BeYindi.com. This is an online silver jewelry store that has a unique collection of handmade items made of natural elements – semi-precious gemstones, fresh water pearls, corals and many more.
​Glasses are a very elegant accessory which complete the look and sometimes can even change it. But it does not mean girls are ready to get rid of all other jewelry and wear only glasses. Let’s see how to match your new glasses with earrings and why geometry of forms is very important.
Glasses are a part of your image so they must match all other accessories and jewelry you’re wearing. This is the main rule. But before you open your jewelry box take a look at your glasses first: are they comfortable? Do you see well wearing them? Are there scratches on the lenses? Because comfort and your health are number one priority.
When you picked up a comfortable frame and a good pair of lenses let’s go to the jewelry part.
​If you prefer rings and bracelets then it’s hard to make a mistake as they are located far from your face. Earrings – that is the key question.
Rule #1. Glasses first. You don’t want to check every optical store in town to find a frame that is matching your new pair of fancy earrings. Glasses are not about fashion, they are about comfort at first place. So give them a priority and think about how this new stylish earrings will look with your glasses on before you buy them.
Rule #2. Material. The easiest way to match your glasses is to choose earrings that are made of the same material or a similar one. This way you can keep harmony of accessories and be sure that your plastic glasses frame does not look cheap comparing to your gold earrings.
Rule #3. Think about the color. Different accessories in one color palette always look good. It doesn’t mean you always have to wear earrings of the same color, it means you can play with colors of the stones and crystals. Besides black, white or transparent colors will always match.

​Rule #4. Geometry forms are important. This simply means do not wear round glasses with round earrings, unless you want to look as a Christmas tree. Besides too many round shapes will make your face look round. Choose long earrings. They look good on everyone, make you neck longer and match all kinds of glasses – classy or massive and colorful ones.

Rule #5. Stick to one style. If you’re wearing thin classical frame – choose small stud earrings. Love big colorful frame? Look at massive pin earrings. Remember that mixing different styles around your face is not always a good idea. It’s better to stick to one style in clothing and accessories.
Also remember that if you wish to add some more pieces of jewelry like a bracelet or a ring – they also should match your look. So first things first – put on your glasses, choose earrings and then choose a ring, bracelet or a pendant.