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5 Jewelry Items Every Lady Should Own – For The Geeks


When it comes to ladies’ jewellery it can be difficult to find the perfect piece. Each different item offers something a little different, whereas other expensive items will have everything. Instead of buying on hugely expensive item why not get a collection of jewellery that can mixed and matched to include everything you’d look for? We have come up with 5 jewellery pieces every lady should own.

​​The Stylish Earrings

 Earrings can be the difference between looking and feeling glamorous. Finish your outfits off in style with a pair of studded, or huggy earrings. They generally tend to be the most popular, elegant, classic and hugely versatile. Studs or huggy earrings can not only make you feel glamorous but they can be used on an everyday basis, adding a touch of flair any of your styles, or outfit choices. Brands such as Theo Fennell, Gucci and Tresor Paris are perfect.

The Dainty & Delicate Necklace

 Every lady should have a dainty, delicate necklace, which can be used every day. Dainty necklaces are designed to look as good with a plain t-shirt as they will with a beautifully fitted jump suit. Take a look at River Island, Topshop and Etsy for a whole host of choices.

Cuff Bracelets

 Cuff bracelets similar to earrings will provide an abundance of style and beauty. Look for something sleek, glamorous and even something deco-inspired. They can be matched with your own bracelets, or can be matched with a thinner set of ladies’ jewellery. However, the cuff bracelet is a fashion statement, don’t be afraid to try it on its own. John Lewis are known to have a glorious selection of bangles and cuff bracelets.

The Statement Piece Necklace

 No matter how many items of jewellery you own, every girl needs the beautifully gorgeous statement piece. They can be over the top, but once they are seamlessly added to an outfit they can suddenly add colour and intrigue those looking. They can be paired with almost everything, so get creative and find the right style for you! Ladies Statement Necklaces only host the finest ladies statement necklaces, so take a look at their styles and sizes.

The Rings

 Rings are entirely down to choice; however, every lady should own them. Whether you choose stackable, vintage or diamond rings. Try different rings on and see how they look and feel, as rings are purely down to how you look. They are an exceptional option to those looking to add a subtle accessory without having to add too much jewellery. Rings are sold everywhere, so venture round and see exactly what you love around your finger.