Why Korean Beauty is the Biggest Trend of 2018 - Guest Post

Why Korean Beauty is the Biggest Trend of 2018

Korean Beauty
Korean Beauty

​Korean cosmetics has always been at the forefront of makeup and beauty innovations, never failing to release new products that have everyone drooling over the next big thing. For the longest time, Japanese beauty has been taking over when it comes to Asian beauty trends. But for the past few years thanks to K-pop stars and drama, Korean beauty has set itself as the Asian and world leader in cosmetics innovation.
Since the Korean beauty industry took over in the past five years, many people from the world over have adopted South Korea-born beauty trends. It would have been unimaginable for Korean cosmetics to reach this stage a few years back, but it is a good thing that many people are now taking notice of the high quality that Korean products offer. 
​Years 2016 and 2017 saw the explosion of BB and CC creams, two of South Korea’s most popular products. These became so famous that they have also been remade by Western beauty companies. Along with these creams, natural-looking blush tints, lip tints, rejuvenating face masks, and anti-aging serums have also given way to Korean products being all the more popular the world over.
The past five years have been great for the Korean beauty industry, but what about 2018? Can the industry keep up with the competition being fiercer than ever? Can the country still hold itself as the world leader in beauty innovation?
The incoming year is no stranger to significant trends that South Korea will release yet again, and it is an exciting time for all beauty fans. Why will Korean beauty be the biggest trend of 2018? Let’s find out here:
1. Skin care products made with superfood ingredients
People are now more conscious of what they eat, and more people want to know where and how their food sources were harvested and produced. The year 2018 will see the rise of not only organic food but also of natural cosmetics. Gone are the days of makeup and beauty products made with synthetic ingredients; and this coming year will welcome products made with superfoods, ranging from berries and greens to honey and citrus fruits. More people will now be more conscious of what they eat, but also of what they put on their skin.  
2. Products fit for a busy lifestyle
Urban life will only get hectic this 2018, and people are expected to work harder for longer. Because of this increasingly busy lifestyle, people will want products that can fit into their hectic lives, too. So, this year will see products that value convenience, practicality, and ease of use. For one, peel-free face masks that can be used while you drive to work are now available. Also, makeup stencils that allow you to do your makeup while you multitask are now out on the market, too.
3.  Low-pH Products       
Because of increased environmental hazards, there is now a shift towards beauty ingredients that have a low pH. The more alkaline a product is, the better it is for the skin because it gets to counteract the effects of pollution and exposure to UV rays. Before, products with neutral pH saw a vast following. For this coming year, though, a neutral pH will not be enough to protect skin that is exposed to urban life, and so products with lower pH will come to the fore.
These are the top reasons why Korean beauty will again be the best trend of 2018. It is no surprise considering South Korea’s innovations when it comes to beauty and wellness. Again, everyone will be given more options to choose from a wide range of high-quality Korean beauty products.
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