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Adopt the Latest Kurti Trends in 2017

Kurti Trends in 2017
Kurti Trends in 2017

Guest post by: Ruby shaikh is a freelancer Fashion blog content writer. She love to share latest trends in fashion Industry. Hire her contact rubyshaikh903[@]gmail[.]com

​When I open my wardrobe, I see the enormous range of kurtis in it, but still the syndrome, ‘What to wear’ bits me, almost each morning, since I have already worn everything in it twice or thrice. I am pretty sure that this must be happening with you as well. We girls crave for new cloths, new accessories, and new footwear hence absolutely new look each day. Refreshing the wardrobe is a must. So to help you out in the dilemma, I am here with some new and vibrant tunics that you can wear on all occasions. Here is the show. 

  • Prints on the Yolk: We have all seen and even covered up with the kurtis that has yolk- the design on the upfront of the kurti. But what if we modify this yolk to some extent. Dress yourself with a kurti that has a self printed yolk. The yolk in it would not be attached rather it will look more natural and elegant. With yolk, if the entire tunic would have a print over it, then that would work better.
  • Fabrics of Kurtis: To bring newness in the dressing, it is always good to try different fabrics. You can try linen and cotton mix material else one more great option is to use rayon as the fabric of the garment. Get the tunic with prints around the neck and at the bottom length. Tunic with hand block prints will be an added advantage for the outfit.
  • Color-block Kurti: What if you get a kurti designed of different colors? This kurti will certainly let you look gorgeous. Choose different and vibrant colors in this kurti. To enhance the grace of the kurti, it will be a great idea to choose one kind of material, let’s say silk, cotton silk and cotton. Make sure the colors you select perfectly blends with your skin tone.
  • High-Low Kurti: The high and low kurti is one of those kurti that you immediately need to get for your wardrobe. The flare in this kurti makes it different from all others. Low from the front and high from the back, this is absolutely a modern kurti. This will suit perfectly to all those girls who like to be trendy yet want an inch of traditional looks.
  • Short Kurtis: Get some short kurtis which you can wear with pants or trousers. Fabrics like silk and cotton silk will be a great choice for this kurti. You can get any kurti whether plain or printed, all will give you aesthetic look. You can wear this kurti at work without thinking much.

So up are some beautiful tunics that will do great both at work and in your everyday life. Grab all these ladies kurtis for your wardrobe without fail and look stunning where you go. Make sure that you pair them up with pants, trousers, or leggings and the footwear plus accessories smartly.
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