Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat - Guest post

Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Losing Belly Fat
Losing Belly Fat

Even after weeks of exercising and following a proper diet, are you still unable to get rid of that stubborn belly fat? Well, your body might require more than just simple workout and sacrificing your favorite food. It has been determined that whatever is happening inside your body, particularly the gut, has more impact on you than we had thought. In fact, it plays a major role in determining whether the food that you consume would stay put or get burned off. So, let’s figure out what is it exactly the reason for that belly fat so that you can achieve your body shape goals.

  1. Your Gut is Not Very Healthy

Our stomach has some good bacteria and some bad ones residing in it, which are generally named as gut flora or microbiota by professionals. It has been proved that when you consume food high in fat and carbs (potatoes, white bread) and low in fiber content (vegetables, oats, fruits, beans), it disrupts the microbiota balance and it start accumulating the weight at different parts in body. So, make sure that you are feeding the good bacteria more than the bad ones.

  1. You Are Suffering with Inflammation

We all know what inflammation is on the outside – the pain, swelling and redness that one deals with after getting injured. Well, same goes inside your body. Our immune response considers inflammation as its vital part. It is body’s way of defending itself against all the viruses and bacteria while healing. The problem occurs when it is disrupted, hence making your body prone to several diseases and weight gain. Just check the level of sugar and sodium that you are consuming in the pretense of the all those ‘healthy foods’.

  1. Your Body Has Insulin Resistance

Hold on! There is no need to get your thoughts running to the extreme ends. We are definitely not saying that you are diabetic, but by insulin resistance we merely imply that it could be the beginning of your body indicating that it is not being able to deal well with carbohydrates and sugar. Make sure that you first improve the way your body reacts to insulin with some strength exercises before you start thinking about losing some weight.

  1. You are Grabbing Extremely “Good” Bad Food

It is really convenient to just go around the grocery store while filling your shopping cart with the products which have “Vegan”, “Organic”, “Healthy” and “All Natural” labeled on them. However, you might not even realize but these products could be the reason for that belly fat being stuck around. Read the ingredients and nutrition table properly to check for the amount of sugar, carbohydrates and calories that the box might contain to compensate for the lack of artificial flavors.

  1. You Need to Recognize the Best Kitchen Ingredients

While cooking, make sure that you are putting in the right spices and a reasonably good amount of them in order to fight the problem of inflammation and thus burn all the extra fat and calories. The first spice that we would recommend is turmeric. It reduces the inflammation and boost up your digestion while protecting you against chronic diseases like heart attack, cancer and diabetes.

Recognize your reason for the belly fat and fight against it in real this time so that you can reach the desired result. For more impactful and quicker results, combine your healthy routine with dedicating one hour daily to wear the fat freezing belt which is certain to have a vital contribution in getting you a flat belly.