Ultimate Makeup Look: Wedding Edition - Guest Post

Ultimate Makeup Look: Wedding Edition

Makeup Look for wedding
Makeup Look for wedding

​Your wedding is only a few weeks away, and you want to end up with the most fabulous makeup? Say no more. No matter if you are getting married in the Summer or Winter, it is essential for your makeup products to be long-wearing and long-lasting. This way you won’t be worried about kissing all of your guests, your soon-to-be husband, you will freely take a bunch of pictures, and you will easily dance the night away! If you are ready to do your makeup on your own, or even if you are going to a professional makeup artist, here is how the process should look like.

..Step By Step: Bridal Makeup

1: Primer

Apply your favorite primer to the high points of your face. For some women that is a hydrating and illuminating kind ( if your skin is dry), and for others, it is a mattifying primer ( those who have oily skin). Add it all over your face and let it sink in for a couple of minutes before moving forward…

2: Build Up The Foundation

Apply little by little and add gradually. Don’t cake it up or apply a hefty amount since it is easier to build it up than it is to remove it. Make sure your foundation is medium-buildable, and also do cream contouring if you prefer a sculpted look. Always blend the products in with your beauty blender, and make slow tapping motions, instead of swiping or rubbing since this will actually remove the product.

3: A Lot Of Powder

Set your face with loose powder to keep all of your coverage intact. Always use a clear powder since it is a lot more forgiving than a colored powder. With the help of a large round brush set your face by pressing the product deep into your skin and into your pores. Also, do your favorite bronzer or blush while you are at it, and give your face a flush of color.

4: Brows

Bridal brows should be simple & sleek, yet perfectly and as naturally filled in. Do your eyebrows with a brow powder and simply fill them in by making upward motions, and try to mimic the growth of your natural hair. Your brow powder should be the same color as your natural brows, or even up to one shade darker.

5: Eyeshadow

This all depends on your personal preference, but longevity-wise, it is always good to start off with an eyeshadow primer.  Use any tacky eye base, or even a concealer and tap it onto the lid. After your primer sets go for any neutral, natural or brown eyeshadows as your choice. Play it safe but sultry and apply neutral colors to the crease, but with a pop of color on your eyelid. This look is very easy to do, and it will require 2-3 brushes max. Finish it off by smudging your lower lash line, and by doing a small black shadow liner.

6: Eyelashes

If you want to have humidity proof makeup, stay away from mascaras or fake lashes. Instead, settle with semi-permanent eyelash extensions which you can do 2-3 days before your big day. Lash extensions are flirty, sultry, and are quite long-lasting. In fact, once done the right way, you will be left with fluffy lashes for 2-3 weeks to come! This means that your lash extensions will cover the entire length of your honeymoon, as well as any other events! They are waterproof, smudge-proof, and most importantly, they are cry-proof!

7: Lipstick

Lipsticks can be a bit tricky since they can smudge, but you should apply something which you feel comfortable in. For many women that is a mattifying and liquid nude, and it is the perfect shade for a bride. If you love soft & glamorous looks at the same time, you are going to love this as your go-to. Also, a liquid lipstick will never come off, no matter how much you talk, eat, or even kiss! This makes it perfect for your big day, as well as for any upcoming time taking event.

8: Setting Spray

Lastly, don’t forget to set it and seal the deal! A setting spray is an excellent choice if you are someone who likes to touch their face- a lot. Use a dewy setting mist if you prefer a hydrated and illuminated outcome (and if your skin is dry) or a matte setting spray if your skin is oily. With this product, you will seal the deal and keep all of your hard work intact and in place. Move the bottle 2-3 inches away from your face and spritz away! Around 4-5 pumps of a setting spray should be enough for the entire night.