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How marriage makes a man’s life better?


Guest Author Bio: A homemaker by day and an avid writer by night; Palak Gupta has spent years on researching about marriage and its impact on individuals. She owns a long list of published write-ups, offering expert advice on matrimony. To know more, follow Palak on her Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn handle.
Marriage is indeed the highest happiness that a person can experience in his or her life. From the day you take the vows to the day you take your last breath, your journey as a married man is no less than a ride in paradise. No doubts that you will experience many ups and downs, but in the end, when you look back at those times, you would only feel elated to see the transformation that you experienced as an individual. You, undoubtedly become a better person!

Marriage brings many changes in the lifestyle of both men and women; while women tend to appreciate those changes most men are seen to be terrified by them. For the men who share such thinking and even those who don’t, we have collected a few points to prove how marriage actually makes a man’s life better. Read on to find out.

  • You Become A Better Person
  • A recent study, conducted by the Michigan State University, concluded that men tend to become a better person after taking those vows. You are less likely to indulge in any kind of antisocial behavior as compared to single men. You become more responsible and caring towards your family once you are married.

Sharing life’s ups and downs with your wife and children can, in fact, make you more patient and tolerant.

  • You Actually Live Longer

It is quite common to hear men blabber that marriage is the end of life. But literally speaking, marriage does, in fact, add years to your life and help you combat many life threatening problems like cancer or heart strokes. According to a research conducted by the University of Louisville, married men have 32% more chances of enjoying a longer life than compared to the singles. One study even concluded that being married can, in fact, add 10 to 17 years to your life!
Put on the ring and enjoy a long life with your love.

  • You Get To Enjoy A Stress-free Life

Now this may come as a surprise to most of the men out there who opine that marriage brings along a pile of responsibilities and stress. Studies prove otherwise. “Married people show less signs of depression,” says Robin Simon, a sociology professor at Wake Forest University.
The reason you ask? It is because marriage is like a support system, where your partner supports you emotionally as well as financially.

  • You Tend To Give-up Those Bad Habits

No matter how much we negate, real marriage does come with some responsibilities. The feeling of being responsible in fact makes you a better person in every term. You not only prosper in your life but start giving up those bad habits as well. Dr. Charles Schmitz who is America’s leading marriage expert shares the same views that men who are married are likely to consume less or no alcohol when compared to bachelors.
Wish to give-up on alcohol? Exchange those wedding rings now!

  • You Learn How To Communicate

It is a known fact that men tend to keep their feelings and emotions to themselves. Recent studies have proved that saying the vows helps men to become better communicator. It’s not just your lady who gets you talking, but your kids play a great role too. While you are listening to their little queries and solving them, you are actually learning how to communicate better with them as well as with others.
This quality of communicating your thoughts and emotions would not only strengthen your personal relations but also help you on the professional front.

  • You Have Someone To Keep You Motivated

It is a well-known saying that behind every successful man there is a woman. Your lady is indeed your pillar of strength. She would always keep you motivated to move forward in your career to achieve greater heights. Whether it is a bad day at work or an unpleasant phase in life, she would be there to keep you on your feet and get over all that’s bad.
A man who is motivated to move forward is life would definitely achieve more success in every task that he undertakes.

And to end it all, you learn how to love selflessly! Your woman would be there to support you through the good and the bad, through the thick and the thin, through sickness and health. She knows the  tips that make a marriage happy  and you should too. Cherish her, cherish your love and cherish the blessing that marriage is.