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The New Icons for Men’s Fashion

Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion

Guest Post By: Moz is an innovative Content Writer who has years of experience in content writing and love to write about latest fashion trends. He also works as a freelance content writer for Jodhpur Tailors – a stop solution for Mens Tailored Suits. In his spare time, Moz loves to try hands on cooking and experimenting on new looks.
India has reached a level where its fashion industry holds a really reputable position in the global market. In fact, Indians are looked up to be one of the most fashionable people wherever they go with their unique styling sense. And this is not just applicable to ladies, men of the country are leaving their mark in being aptly dressed up also. So, lets acknowledge some of the men who have been the fashion icons and continue to be. 
1.Ratan Tata
The ultimate business icon is not just superb in his field of profession but is also a fashion inspiration for many. An innovative and ethical mind, Ratan Tata’s persona portrays a combination of class and grace. Each time he makes a public appearance or attend any social event, you can see him wearing classy business suits which adds to his suave demeanor, making him worth admiring.

2.Yuvraj Singh
The field of cricket has always been charming with the stylish players like Yuvraj Singh being a part of the Indian team. His rugged looks and casual styling has many girls drooling over him. Being a regular page 3 icon, this man has proved to be an icon both on and off the field. 

3.Amitabh Bachchan
Nobody can probably beat this man when it comes being gracefully fashionable. His posture and the demeanor with which he carries himself just makes him list among the top icons in contemporary fashion. In fact, you would not find any male style icon who can exhibit class in even simple clothing like kurta pajama. 

4.Siddharth Mallya
Being the son of a fashion tycoon in the business industry Vijay Mallya, we couldn’t have expected his to be any less when it comes to styling. From his appearances at fashion shows and business conferences to cricket matches and photo shoots, he has a style of his own which makes his perfectly toned physique look even more appealing.

5.Saif Ali Khan
This Pataudi heir carries an aura of his own wherever he goes. From his clothing styles and shoes to his hairstyles and sunglasses, everything becomes a news on page 3. With his signature style, Chotte Nawab is truly every designer’s favorite. In fact, he is the one fashion icon who brought back Aviator sunglasses in trend. 

6.Ranbir Kapoor
Belonging to one of the largest Bollywood families, Ranbir possess a rare charisma that makes him look good in almost anything. From cool text tshirts and casual suits to traditional wears and party suits, his dressing and styling sense speaks all about being comfortable and experimental.
7.John Abraham
A model-turned actor, John has been a fashion industry’s favorite ever since he entered Bollywood. Completely cool, simple and yet so elegant – these are the words which describe his dressing style aptly. Though he is never really seen wearing anything too gaudy off the movies and is mostly spotted in simple fitted tshirts and jeans, this guy knows how to rock even the simplest looking outfits.
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