Men's Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet for all Occasions Infographics Guest Post

Men’s Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet for all Occasions Infographics


​There is a formal party coming up that you need to attend and you are not sure how to get dressed. The right attire can make all the difference. It can actually make you look charming.
If you are not a frequent formal wearer, then this is the perfect guide for you to get dressed for any occasion and look great.
Different elements of formal men dressing are mentioned below. You can choose the styles as per your personal preferences.

#Top Wear 
Jackets for men are a must have and are available in many styles. There are certain components of a jacket that needs to be perfect. They should compliment each other.  

  • You need to choose a tie that matches the length of your lapel. Old fashioned jackets came with a broad lapel. As per today’s trends, much narrower lapels are seen.
  • Darts are seams in a jacket that impart the jacket it’s fitted look. Always make sure that they are their thinnest near the first button and the neck area.
  • Length of the sleeve of your jacket should be half inch lesser than your shirt sleeve. This is the perfect length. Neither too short nor too long.
  • Shoulders in your jacket needs to be fitted perfectly. Too loose and looks like a borrowed one, too tight and it looks like it is not your size.
  • Cut of the armhole needs to be narrower as gives a better fit to the sleeves and a better look.
  • Most jackets have two buttons but some have three also. It is best to leave the bottom button open always. If it is a three button style, you should close the middle button only. This allows some space for movement.
  • Pocket squares enhance the overall look manifold if chosen well. You can choose some bright and contrasting colors to add flare to your overall look.
  • Length of the jacket needs to perfect. The perfect length is when you relax your hands, the hem of the jacket touches the mid of your palm.

# Bottom Wear 
Formal trousers look great if they fit you well. There are three major areas where you need to concentrate.

  • The Seat/Back side of the bottom wear needs to comfortable. You need to make sure that there are no u-shaped bunching or wrinkles at the rear end. They actually look very embarrassing so you should keep an eye on this area.
  • Pleats on the front side of the trouser does not go well with thin built men, so should be avoided. They need to be ironed well.
  • Break in a trouser is the area where wrinkles appear at the bottom of your pants where they touch your shoes. The right length of a trouser has always been a topic for discussion and depends on preference.

# Accessories 
There are various accessories that go well with suits. It is a matter of personal choice when it comes to choosing which one to wear and their design.

  • Ties are the most popular accessories that go well with suits. The tie needs to blend well with your suit. A patterned tie goes well with a plain shirt and vice versa. Silk ties are most popular. The optimum tie length should be just touching the top of your belt.
  • Tie bar is another great accessory. Their purpose is to keep the tie in place. Tie bar should be between ½ to ¾ of the width of the tie.
  • Lapel pins should be coordinated with your tie and pocket square. They need to put on your lapel. You can even match your lapel pins with the cufflinks.
  • Cufflinks are used in place of buttons to close the end of the shirt sleeves. There are various types of cufflinks available and can be chosen as per personal liking.
  • Pocket Squares should complement the tie and suit in a unique way. There various ways to fold the pocket square like a puff or just a simple fold.

To learn more about Men’s suit cheat sheet, have look at the following infographic shared by Apparel99.

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