Mor Shapiro – Interesting Facts About Ben Shapiro Wife

Ben Shapiro Wife
Ben Shapiro Wife

We have all heard of the real estate tycoon, Donald Trump’s ties to Martin Ginsberg and his current quest for the White House. We also know that Ginsberg is a friend of Ben Shapiro who is Jewish. Now we learn something else about the man who wants America to be more like Israel. In this interesting article below we learn that Shapiro has some strong pro-choice views.

Ben Shapiro Wife

This is a man who believes that abortion should be legal. Like Trump he wants to ban it but he also supports parental rights and wants the death penalty to be removed from our laws. Wow, what a difference a pro-choice stance makes!

He is not afraid to voice his opinions, which are much different than most people on our nation’s liberal side. He told CNN interviewer John King, that all the things he had to say in his new book were true. He even dared to call some things he had written in the book “fiction”. Wow, he is a free spirit isn’t he?

Then there was this quote from the Miami Herald, which quoted him as saying that abortion should be illegal in the case of rape. This is a man who believes that life begins at conception. He believes that it is a sin to destroy a baby in its womb. So, when a pregnant woman seeks an abortion he will think of her as committing a crime. Wow, I can’t get a more pro-life politician than this one.

In fact this is not the first time that Shapiro has expressed his views on abortion. In fact he has a whole book about it called “Abortion: A Woman’s Right”. This is a book that openly attacks the pro-life movement. It is interesting that someone who is pro-life is now calling for the end of all abortion.

This is the world we live in and it sure is no place for a pro-life candidate to run for elective office. Any pro-life candidate who is seen to be doing more of the same, such as promoting the partial-birth abortion method or even worse embryonic invasive abortion should be thrown out and reported to the Campaign to Stop Violence for doing what is truly evil. Please consider this in 2021.

Finally, we have a gay candidate for Congress in Maryland. idates are always running to the right on any issue but when it comes to social issues they have no ideas at all. Gary Combs has some interesting ideas on gay marriage but the reality is that the gay community does not support him and his comments are contradictory to their values. It is very unfortunate that the gay community wants to have a major part in deciding what the rest of the country thinks. No matter how much they whine, they cannot turn themselves into an opinion poll.

They simply cannot win with that tactic and they will continue to lose. The people of America do not like hypocrisy and that is exactly what Gary Combs is offering. Gary is likable and he has a good point, but to attack an unborn baby that is developing is unacceptable. Pro-lifers should not attack those that seek to protect the right to have an abortion. They should speak out against the violence that is visited upon clinics that offer the procedure as well as those that facilitate it. If the pro-life crowd wishes to put a political bumper sticker on the windows of those who disagree with them on this issue, they better think twice before doing it.