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Myths About Wedding Planners

Myths About Wedding Planners
Myths About Wedding Planners

Guest post By: Mozrif is a freelancer Content writer, blogger. He love to share content about wedding, fashion, and latest technologies. He is associated with  Wedding planning company in Jaipur.
Wedding planners are really the guardian fairies in disguise and the couples who are going through the headache of planning (or have experienced it in the past) can understand this really well. And we are not being gender biased here – After all, we can have male fairies too!
However, there is no magic wand present with the wedding planners to instantly present you with the dream wedding arrangements. Yes! They do hold the experience and insight to stop you from breaking the bank and taking away your stress so that you can enjoy the once-in-lifetime event, and that can certainly prove really helpful to save you from those planning weeks of distress.

Wedding planners are quite commonly appointed by the people but there are many myths around their job which cause hesitation among majority of couples to approach or hire a wedding planner for their wedding. Let’s debunk all your myths and show you that behind every awestruck wedding that you have attended, there is actually a fairy running around in heels (or maybe, flats)!

1.All Wedding Planners Care About is Their Fees, They Don’t Care About Guests’ Happiness

Have a conversation with a wedding planner (even if it is at your friend’s wedding) and you will realize that their top priority is to ensure that the couple and their guests are happy and satisfied with the arrangements. If they would not be able to maintain a relationship with their clients or connect to their requirements, they won’t be able to sustain in the industry for longer. After all, the word of mouth spreads quickly at (and about) weddings.

2.Wedding Planner Charge a Lot

Yes, we are not denying that fact that there are some of the wedding planners who work exclusively for the elite and rich class of people, but the majority of those in the business out there actually work on any budget that is presented to them as long as it is feasible for the kind of wedding that you desire. Or, they would be happy to offer you equally fascinating alternatives. Just ask them for the services they offer, and appoint them for only the ones you really need assistant with.

3.Planners Take Over the Wedding and Make It Their Own

A professional planner would always be there to listen to your desires and requirements and convert them into a reality. Of course, they would input their practical suggestions since they have real time experience about every aspect of wedding planning but jeopardizing your wedding is not something that any professional wedding planner would ever do. In fact, they will be there at each stage to fix your problems without letting anybody know.

Trust us! You would have to do a lot in the wedding planning – creating detailed schedules of each day of the events, budget management, appointing the right vendors, timely communications with all of them and design guidance to name a few. And if you would get (and get your family and friends) engaged in all this, then there will be no time for anybody to enjoy the most important event of your life.
Even if your venue provides an onsite coordinate, know that a wedding planner takes care of different jobs for you than those coordinators. Have a talk with one and you would figure out how and where they can help you to arrange that dream wedding!