oils can help grow and add volume to your eyelashes - Guest Post

These 3 oils can help grow and add volume to your eyelashes: Here’s how!

image credit: wonderopolis.org

Are your eyelashes too thin and dull? Have you chosen the fake eyelashes that look so artificial or the eyelash extensions that require frequent trips to the salon every few weeks?

We tell you a time-tested remedy to naturally get those beautiful and curly lashes that you wish for. Nature has its own way of providing solutions. It has blessed us abundantly with many oils for eyelash growth that provide incredible results in helping lashes grow and making them strong. Here we suggest three oils that can help you get dense, dark, and long lashes that give your killer looks naturally and everlastingly.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is extracted from seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Widely used in the tropical regions of the world, castor oil is loaded with nutrients that promote dense hair growth. As lashes are also hairs that grow from the eyelids, castor oil is commonly used as a home remedy to dense denser and darker lashes. Castor Oil is translucent with a tint of yellow color. It is rich in ricinoleic acid, which promotes hair growth. It also moisturizes the existing hair and makes them glossier. Castor oil also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help you fight any infection in the follicles of the lashes. This ensures that every stand of the eyelash is healthy and strong. Castor Oil has high humectant properties, which means it can draw moisture from the air and hydrate the place where it is applied. So, when you apply castor oil to your eyelashes, they are hydrated adequately. This in turn means that your lashes are saved from breaking.

While a few people abandon this simple solution citing inadequate scientific evidence that proves the efficiency of castor in the growth of lashes, many people across the globe have been benefited by using this wonderful Nature’s gift. As there are no side effects for castor oil, you can comfortably use this eyelash growth oil and check out the results of this age-old remedy for yourself. Remember to buy a good quality, cold-pressed castor oil from a reliable store(online or offline) to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of Olea europaea (olive tree) and has been used by women for centuries of years now and is considered a blessing for any skin problem related to dryness. But did you know that this oil can do wonders in helping your lashes grow naturally? Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin E and oleic acid; two ingredients that are really helpful in hair growth. Vitamin E is a natural oxidant that neutralizes the free radical damage and helps control the inflammation of hair follicles of the eyelids. Oleic acid regulates the production of sebum, keeps away bacteria, and hydrates the eyelids leading to healthier eyelash follicles. And so, the lashes that regrow from the treated follicles are stronger, longer, and darker naturally. No wonder serums containing olive oil is celebrated as the best lash serum for volume globally.

Lashes can become brittle and break when they are deprived of moisture. Olive can help you if you suffer from thin and dull lash lines due to dryness issues. As olive oil is denser, you can massage your lash line and eyelids with olive oil before bath time and leave it for about 15 minutes. You can then take a bath in lukewarm water and use mild soaps.

Coconut Oil

One of the easily available products in any Indian store, the humble coconut oil works like a charm when it comes to lashes growth and regrowth. When we say coconut oil, we mean the organic, cold-pressed coconut oil extracted by traditional methods without any additives and preservatives. Such cold-pressed coconut oils are rich in healthy fatty acids like lauric acid, which gets easily absorbed by the hair shaft. This triggers the growth of new lashes and the regrowth of fallen and damaged lashes. Coconut oil also moisturizes the lashes and prevents them from breaking. Also, the lauric acid in coconut oil has the highest antibacterial and antifungal properties amongst all medium-chain fatty acids. It can help you keep infections like folliculitis of the lashes at bay. Coconut oil is lauded as the best oil for eyelash growth and has the ability to prevent protein loss from the lashes, thus making them look darker and denser. It is also considered a safe alternative to makeup removal creams and face washes.

To get all the benefits of coconut oil, all you need to do is take a few drops of the cold-pressed, organic oil in your fingertips and rub them onto your eyelids and gently massage a few strokes. This ensures a good supply of blood to the lash hair cells, which stimulates their growth.

Thing to remember

  • Always use virgin, cold-pressed oil. Even if they are a little expensive than their fake counterparts, they give you the desired results.
  • Always wash your eyes and pat dry the eyelids before the oil.
  • Wash your hands and apply the oil with a clean cotton ball or clean fingertips.
  • Let the oil seep in for atleast 30 minutes. The longer you leave them on your eyelids, the faster they show results.
  • It usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to see the difference in your lash. So, be patient and follow the lash care regimen faithfully.
  • It is sufficient to apply the oil once a day. Do not overdo.


If you are suffering from mild lash fall or have a thin lash line, these oils are highly effective in treating them. You can use them directly or choose a serum with one of these oils as the primary ingredient. These remedies have zero side effects and are easily available at nominal costs. And hence, we assure you that these oils are safe to be used at home. Try them now and thank us later!