1 Week Beauty Regime Before Function

One Week Beauty Regime Before Function – 10 Tips For Girls

One Week Beauty Regime
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Have to attend a function like a wedding, a party or have any other important event to attend in just one week?  You must want to look at your best. But seeing your current skin and hair situation, it feels impossible.

Guess what, it’s not, for which all you have to do is take out some time and adhere to this beauty routine before a big event, which we will share with you in this article.

With this simple and easy to follow routine, you can have that flawless skin and silky hair to make you any function ready. 

Curious to know what it is? Then, have a look at this guide.

How to Prepare Your Skin for any Event in a week?

Listed below are some fantastic beauty tips with which you can steal everyone’s attention at the upcoming function.

1) Cleanse Your Skin Twice A Day

Your skin is the most delicate part of your body and demands full attention. To give it that care, a cleanser is essential.

It removes all those environmental impurities like dirt and pollutants that your skin gets exposed to daily, making it clean.

Besides keeping your skin clear, wouldn’t it be better if you get a face wash that makes your skin hydrated and keeps it blemish-free?

Now you don’t need to search for it, as Honey and Geranium pore-refining multi cleanser by Seer Secrets does that for you.

2) Whiten Up Your Teeth

“A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear.” – Marilyn Monroe

And, to get that alluring smile, you need to pay a visit to your dentist for teeth whitening or cleaning.

A cleaning process will help you get rid of all those stains and plaques accumulating in your teeth.

It will also brighten your teeth, making you confident to flash it off with every click in the party or function.  

3) Opt to Wax for Hair Removal

To look graceful in any outfit you have chosen for the celebration, you need to eliminate that unwanted hair by waxing.

Apart from hair removal, waxing will detan your skin plus do away with dead skin cells, giving you a lighter complexion.

It will also uplift the moisture extent of your skin, giving it a baby-soft touch.

If your skin is sensitive to waxing, you can go for a laser that will make your hair go permanently in a few sittings.

4) Get that Velvety Hair with A Hair Pack

You must be shampooing your hair twice a week, but to get voluminous-thick inches, you need a hair pack.

It will let you pick any hairstyle you like by deeply nourishing your hair and reducing breakage.

You can always make a hair mask at home with ingredients that are available right in your pantry according to your hair concern.

If you don’t have time to make one, use Anti- Dandruff Neem Hair Pack by Kans Natural, which promises natural shiny hair by combating all scalp issues.

5) Clean Up Your Hands, Feet, and Nails

Want to appear confident while meeting and greeting people or wish to show off your dance moves?

Then, keep in mind to schedule an appointment for a manicure and pedicure in your parlor one or two days before the function. 

It will give your nails a healthy look, making them split-free. It will also provide a deep massage to your hands and feet, stimulating the circulation and minimizing that tanning.

6) Have a Younger Looking Skin with A Serum

You may be wondering, what good a face serum would do to your skin?

A serum works wonders by reducing fine lines and wrinkles’ visibility coupled with safeguarding your skin from free radicals.

To get vibrant skin, you need a serum-like Hibiscus face serum by Siachen packed with the goodness of Vitamin C.

It will make your skin firmer by intensely purifying it and boosting its collagen.

The best part is with it; you can experience that satiny-smooth skin, irrespective of your skin type.

7)  Practice Meditation

To be yourself is the best way to cut the dash at a party. And for that, you need to meditate regularly.

It will give you a natural glow by generating sebum oil necessary for maintaining the level of hormones in your skin.

Also, breathing exercises escalate blood and oxygen supply flow in your whole body, infusing energy in you.

Additionally, it’s the best way to ease your mental stress and tension, keeping your mind in a relaxed state.

8) Toning

To keep the skin in pink of its health, it needs the nourishment of a toner. It can put a stop to ingrown hair and freshen up your skin.

Also, you may not be knowing that all that make-up, sweat may be bringing havoc to your skin.

So, to protect your skin from all these things and maintain your skin Ph levels, you need a mist like Tea tree pore minimizing toner by Body Cafe.

This toner will improve your skin’s elasticity and will bestow you acne and pimple-free skin.

9) Don’t forget that SPF even Indoors

Sunscreen is a must to save your skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Other than that, it is a remedy of signs of aging showing on your skin and hyperpigmentation, resulting in dark patches on your skin.

Above all, it saves you from a potential risk of skin cancers like melanoma and squamous cell skin cancer.

Seeing its benefits, you should make a habit of applying sunscreen no matter whether you are outside or inside.  

10) Glam-Up Your Lips

Your Lips are the sexiest part of your face and need extra love and tenderness to make them appear fuller.

While you may have chosen the best shade of lipstick for that but to get the best look out of it, you need a lip balm.

A lip butter like Rosy lip balm by Trnatava will save you from discomfort by healing your chapped and cracked lips.

It works miraculously in retaining moisture, giving you soft and smooth lips. 


This time say no to that last-minute run-up to the parlor or that heavy make-up with this beauty prep before any function.

It will give you the confidence to carry any outfit like a pro by enhancing your looks from head to toe.