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5 Ways to Make Your Outfit Pop

outfit pop
outfit pop

Guest Post By: Ryan Duffy is a freelance writer who is a recent university graduate in Media Studies. His passion for people and writing has encouraged him to pursue this career full-time. He has a particular affinity towards the fashion industry and this is where most of his work has taken him. Find him on Twitter here: @Ryan_Duff199
You can spend hours and hours trying on different outfits and this can be very time consuming but it can also be quite soul crushing as nothing seems to look good enough. This can be down to your dress not quite matching your shoes or it can be down to the outfit maybe looking a little boring! This article contains 5 ways you can make your outfit less dull and make it pop!

​Bright Colours
This is a simple but effective way of making your outfit stand out. The idea is to venture away from the calmer camel, black and bronze colours and go towards brighter colours such as hot pink or red. These types of colours add an air of feistiness to your outfit and will definitely make it stand out more. This can be done with your clothing by wearing a brighter top or you can go with bright coloured accessories which will be a subtle way of getting your outfit to pop. 

This is an area where you need to tread carefully as over-doing it with makeup can make it look like your MUA was a 6-year-old! The idea with make-up is to try and brighten it up slightly but you need to make sure that the colours don’t look ridiculous. For example, if you have gone with a simple day-time outfit choice such as a white t-shirt and black jeans you might want to spruce it up by wearing a pink coloured lipstick. This can be very effective instead of going with a neutral colour with the pink adding glow to your outfit in a very simple way.

Jewellery can be a way to make your outfit stand out a lot! The difficulty with jewellery is being able to strike the balance between what’s enough and what’s too much. One option to make your outfit pop is to go with multi-layers of jewellery, this can be by wearing multiple necklaces or by wearing multiple finger rings. Another option is to go with the idea that less is more, if this the case you might want to go with a pearl necklace or diamonds. Of course buying a real pearl necklace or quality diamonds is highly expensive but it is important the ones you purchase still look high quality. 

Accessories can often be the difference between making an outfit a good one or a great one. This can be the case for day or night wear. For a night outfit where you may be wearing a black silk dress you could accompany this with a clutch bag covered in sequins as a way to turn the outfit from a plain one to one that pops! For day wear, if you’re wearing a denim jacket over a maxi dress you could accessorise this by having a floral print bag and a watch with a brightly coloured strap.
Hair style
This can be something which is difficult to do all the time, but for a one-off day where you want your outfit to stand out more, styling your hair in a unique way can be a great way for to do so. The recommendation for this would to do it when the clothing you wearing is fairly simple, as wearing bright clothing along with a big hairstyle may not look very fashionable. So if you have nightwear that is simple the a slightly extravagant hair style will make it stand out more.