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Outfits That Should Not Wear in Wedding

Outfits That Should Not Wear in Wedding
Outfits That Should Not Wear in Wedding

Guest post By: Ruby shaikh is a Wedding content writer and Love to express her views on wedding Fashion and Womens clothings. she offer content writing services.
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You might be wearing anything when you go partying with your friends on the weekend or on those casual office days, but a wedding is certainly not the place where you would like to experiment with the loud fashion styles or wear that new pair of jeans that you recently bought from a branded store.
While it becomes much easier to decide the outfit for weddings when the invitation card you received has a theme mentioned on it, it is quite difficult to decide (for both men and women) what to wear for all the events. So, here we have a quick list of what you should NOT be wearing at a wedding.
Yes, tuxedos are black in color and most of the women have their best dresses in black but it is definitely not something to be worn at a wedding unless you are attending a cocktail party. We are not asking you to completely ban the black but lighten it a bit by adding some colors to it or wearing prints. Complete head to toe solid black is not acceptable at a wedding.
2.Anything Skimpy
It’s not a clubbing night out with your friends, it is a wedding and it always look better if you are dressed gracefully and not in those dresses which are exposing you from everywhere. We are not saying that you should wear completely covered outfits but balance it. If your legs are visible, then make sure that you have it covered from the top and vice versa.
3.Jeans and T-Shirt
It doesn’t matter how casual the wedding is or how much how small the gathering would be, wearing a pair of denims with t-shirt or sweatshirt is a completely no-no. It’s a wedding! You are supposed to be wearing colorful and party dresses. Go for something traditional if you can carry it well but keep your jeans in the wardrobe for a friend’s birthday party.
4.A Tiara
You are not the bride, so avoid wearing tiara, crown or any hair accessory that resembles it. It does not just scream that you want others to look at you instead of the bride, but it is also really disrespectful to the bride. Trust us! it won’t make you look pretty. Instead, you will just come across as an attention seeker and ridiculous person.
5.Flip Flops
No matter what material your footwear is made of, it just won’t be suitable for the occasion if you are wearing flip flops and they are to be worn at home, not at a wedding. We are not asking you to wear heels necessarily. There is no such rule! Go for the flats or wear a comfortable pair of sandals, but flip-flops should be completely out of option.
Remember! You are going for a wedding. So, don’t be under-dressed or inappropriately dressed. Go for some colorful outfits without being too loud. Just identify your style and go for what you think would suit you the best while keeping in mind the occasion at the same time.