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Top 5 Perfect hair secrets that very few people know

hair secrets
hair secrets

Perfect hair : “el Cabello perfecto es un sueño”

Umm, not sure how many of you know what it means but attaining it is much more difficult than browsing it. It means perfect hair is a dream. Do you have any idea what makes the entire difference?? Is it you? Your neighbors? Your work life? Well, can’t deny if they aren’t but as a whole, it is the discipline of life that does it all; the lack of commitment to yourself. Nope, it’s not just you, I have been beating myself up over this too. In this article-Top 5 Perfect hair secrets that very few people know let us try to get insightful over this topic.

O, Jesus. I don’t even have a good hair day or bad hair day, I have good hair hours and bad hair days. If I could have my dream hair even just for a day it would be ten miles of peach blossoms for me. And one fine day I thought let’s do something apart from ranting about the issue. I went online and did some research and it turned out to be productive enough for my hair to have good hair days.

What makes your hair, bad hair?

Barbies Your hair, speak for you. Your doctor can even determine your ailment by looking at the condition of your hair for example- you are stressed, have a nutritional deficiency, a thyroid problem, etc. When it comes to the poor health of your hair, the very first thing that comes to our mind is hair loss. Nevertheless, that’s just one of the many problems. You know what, (hirsutism)- which means some people also suffer from too much hair growth, is also a problem. No hair, too much hair, aargh!

Signs your hair is unhealthy:

1.      Split Ends

Split ends are the most common sign of unhealthy hair. Of course barbies, split ends are not to be found in healthy, well-nourished hair. Split ends are normally seen at the tips of your hair. Excessive heat exposure and even your tendency to run your fingers in your hair can make your hair have split ends.

2.      Rough to the Touch

we all see shampoo oil, serum, or conditioner ads with almost one pint in common ‘Silky smooth hair’. Yes, one of the parameters of measuring your hair healthy is how smooth it is. Run your fingers through your hair and If at any point your hair feels rough, dry, and brittle and as if random strands are sticking out, this is a sign that your hair is unhealthy and damaged.

 3.      Looks, Flatter and thinner

Healthy hair has quantity, it is strong and adjustable. What I mean is ‘breakage’. Yes unhealthy, hair is more prone to breaking easily with a light pull of your rough combing skills or just you sleeping on your pillow. With each passing day, you see more and more hair accumulating at the end of your shower. On a standard level, There are many reasons for this difference, all of which take place at the micro-scale of your hair anatomy, but if simply put, it is due to dryness, brittleness, and nutritional deficiency. If not given the proper attention it could lead to hair loss and bald patches.

4.      Overly Dry

There can be many reasons as to why your hair seems to be dry and a lot it isn’t a threat, for example- if you’ve spent your day out on the beach, lounging in the sun, your hair will likely be dry by the end of the day.  Therefore, regularly condition your hair, and if the dryness continues then it is a sign of unhealthy hair.

5.      Frizzy

When you run the comb or just your fingers through your hair and then what you feel? You feel obstacles, instead of feeling like a b-town girl! Yes there, that discomfort is a sign of unhealthy hair. The logic behind this discomfort is, Your cuticles should often lie flat so that hairs can sit and slide against one another; when your hair is damaged, the cuticles will end up becoming raised, leading to hair feeling drier and for hair to become more easily frizzy. One can entangle hair once in a while or a few knots shouldn’t be a reason for concern but more than that regularly, it needs attention.

Top 5 Perfect hair secrets that very few people know

Healthy, Shiny, lustrous hairs are not always inherent and god gifted. But those who have perfect hairs are blessed to know the secret that makes their hair perfectly healthy and beautiful. So the secret of perfect hair is not something that you didn’t know before. It’s just something you know already but  haven’t considered putting into work yet.

There are a few tips to get you one step closer to your fancy nourished hair:

1.      Lemon rinse

squeeze lemon drops onto your hair for natural highlights before going into the sun. or you can opt for products that contain citrus elements.

2.      Do not rub wet hair:

 when your hair is wet, your roots are open, if too much force is applied at that moment, it could lead to unwanted hair breakage. Wrap your wet hair gently in a towel and let the cotton absorb the moisture for a few minutes instead of rubbing. This helps prevent split ends.

3.      Make it herbal

Essential oils are a great way to treat a lot of skin-related problems but it also to be used to treat hair problems. Interestingly you can modify your regular shampoo into an herbal one by adding some drops of essential oil. You just need to dilute the shampoo bottle according to your need and add 10 drops of essential oil per 100 ml.

4.      She keeps her hair clean

The most basic step is the most important step. All your make-up and salon treatments will go to vain and will only increase your problems if you do not keep your hair clean. Only use quality products for your hair if much better if you switch to good quality herbals. Proper wash and good products can actually reduce split ends, provide great moisture, and give hair an overall clean and shiny look.

Cleaning your hair is not only limited to washing it properly and keeping it away from dust and dirt But also stress on having your scalp free of infection and dandruff.

If you want a healthy clean scalp without burning holes in your pocket. Curd and online juice are here for the rescue. Amazing results are delivered when things are done effectively. So Learning How to apply online juice on hair and how to apply curd on hair correctly could save your precious time and effort and deliver astonishing results.

5.      Avoid heat as much as possible

As far as heat is concerned, washing your hair with hot water or using heating methods to style your hair both can equally damage your hair and cause split ends and dryness. Heat will make your hair lose moisture. Instead of going for hot water that can potentially damage your hairs from roots to toes, consider cold and normal water as the best option regarding your healthy hair. Coldwater locks moisture in hair and makes it healthy, strong, and luster.

We hope you like this article-Top 5 Perfect hair secrets that very few people know, barbies. we hope to see you again. Thank you.