Four Ways to Keep the Spark in a Relationship - Guest Post

Four Ways to Keep the Spark in a Relationship


​Relationships take work.
And more often than not, it requires equal and conscious effort from both ends in order for it to be truly lasting. While it is true that the first bliss and blush of a relationship remains to be the sweetest phase, being in perpetual ecstasy is not exactly sustainable in any relationships. Conflicts and arguments are often the spice that keeps a relationship from drifting into routine and resolving such would strengthen a couple’s bond. However, intense feelings and the butterflies in your stomach are present in a relationship only for a fraction of time and when you have been together for so long, it is inevitable that your relationship will fall into routine, lack the fire it once has, become a neglected and rather habitual thing and as couple, you are precariously trudging on a thin line between relationship stagnancy and total disregard for your partner. Predictably, if you allow this to happen, in essence you are allowing room for contempt and resentment to brew and this is something we are trying to avoid. 
​Fret not as while the stomach in your butterflies may be temporary, your love for each other may be permanent and eternal so long as you are both willing to make the commitment of getting your relationship out of a rut and rekindle the amorous flames that once engulfed the both of you. So, if you feel like your relationship needs to be resuscitated from the mundane tedium it has been experiencing lately, then take a look below and pepper it with some of the ideas offered.
1.)Start “dating” again
Remember that time when you and your partner had initially first started dating, when you were still trying to get to know about each other as much as you can and we’re still so excited about discovering more aspects about each other’s personality. Take it back to that time and start designating a time for you and your partner alone without any sort of interruptions and disruptions. Bask and revel in each other’s presence—unplug all devices and just spend time with one another. In essence, disconnect to connect and look for ways to creatively use this time to focus on each other. Take a stroll in the nearby park and have a picnic with your partner or you can take them to a fancy restaurant and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner with them. Whatever it may be, just make sure you are not doubling the time you and your partner have with something else—such as discussing household chores, or taking care of them. Center your focus on your partner and the date, nothing else.
2.)Be unpredictable 
As you are trying to ward off anything tedious and routine then it only follows that you and your partner should be unpredictable.  Do something unexpected or try something new—take a new class together, go parasailing with them, visit an unusual vacation spot together—anything, just be sure it is something you both have not tried in your life as a couple before. Incorporate spontaneity in your daily lives as well, it does not need to be incredibly lavish or extravagant, but it just needs to catch your partner off guard. Make them their favorite breakfast with a little note stuck at the bottom one morning or leave a lipstick note on the bathroom mirror, whatever it is, be creative with it.
3.)Do nice things just cause 
Do not reserve doing nice things for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s Day. Instead, do it out of the blue and when you feel like it. Bring your partner flowers from work when you know she had a bad day, surprise your guy with a foot or head massage when he complains of a headache or you can do your husband’s chores. Remember, little things go a long way and your partner will truly appreciate them no matter how big or small.
4.)Make an effort to look good for each other 
Do you recall that time wherein you were still so anxious about meeting your date who is now your partner? Do you remember primping and getting all dolled up just for them? Well, now should not be any different. One fatal mistake most couples commit is being too comfortable in the relationship that they neglect to take care of themselves, let themselves go and simply do not make any effort to try and make themselves look more attractive to their partner. Remember, this person may have married you but that does not mean that they will never grow weary of looking at you don the same sets of clothes week after week. Physical attraction may not be a dominant factor in your relationship but do take note that it is still a factor. So once in awhile, dress up for each other, you do not necessarily need to be physically stunning everyday but a little effort goes a long way. Besides, it will make you feel so much better and confident in yourself as well!
Author Bio: Louis is a blogger and he blogs for Master Hanz Cua, the youngest palm reader, psychic, fortune teller and feng shui expert in the Philippines. He believes that blogging is the best way to express yourself and share it to others.