6 Things I’ve learned in my relationship Guest Post

6 Things I’ve learned in my relationship and how they work for you as well?


Author BIO: Bio: I’m  Deen Tichy, a passionate blogger. I love to write about fashion and lifestyle as well as dating, love and relationship. I’ve been in this field for quite sometime and have written for some really well-known sites dealing in the same fields. ..
​For me, love has always been a beautiful feeling that comes along with a lot of ups and downs. If you are truly in love, no matter what the situation calls for, you’d sail through it holding hands but you fail to feel the feeling, you’re sailing in a sinking ship. With a lot of unpredictable twists and turns coming your way, all you got to do is, hold on to that feeling of being loved by the other person and respect the efforts made by them.
I’ve been in a relationship for 9 years before we fell apart succumbing to the situations that led us to separate and this is what I have learned. Knowing the things that I learned from my relationship, you can benefit in yours and this, as a result, will help you grow together.
 1. Love is not always sunny and beautiful
Though the feeling of being love makes you look and feel extraordinary, the situations are not always the way we expect them to be. There’ll be times when you sleep on the different sides of the bed with a pillow wall between you two and there’ll be less of conversations and more of fighting. However, if you hold on through the tough time, I’m sure your relationship will bloom.
2. Trust is the key
If you aren’t trusting enough your partner, you aren’t doing justice to the relationship. Not like you start trusting him/her from the very first time, the trust has to build up and once built, you need to keep on making it stronger. You can ask questions if you have doubts but doubting that stays for a longer duration can cause issues. Confronting the other is better than keeping it all in the head and troubling yourself.
3. Texts can be misinterpreted
The very first time when the crack came in our strong relationship was when I saw my partner texting someone who I did not know. The late night texts and constant update of what was going on and how they missed each other was the last day of our relation. The last time it happened was a false alarm and I had to say sorry, but then this time it had to happen.
4. Comparison isn’t healthy
When there was love between us, there was no scope of comparison between me and the others but when love walked out of our relationship, this too stepped in. The comparison is something that makes the other person feel extremely inferior. Well, if you cannot praise for all the efforts one has put in bringing you both where you are today, you shouldn’t compare as well. This by far is the very important thing I learned in my relationship.
5. The feeling of possessiveness is beautiful but obsession is unhealthy
Often we see that the man is possessive to send out his partner with her friends and will ask her about her whereabouts. There’s a thin line between being possessive and obsessive about someone. You won’t even know when you’ll cross the line and come to the part where things take an ugly turn.
6. If the other wants to go, let them go
I did not experience heartache before I had this relationship. When my partner wanted to separate ways, I constantly wanted to make things okay and wanted to stay together. However, there was a point where I realized that setting someone free is the only option to free yourself from the pain that you’re going through. Hence, I let go and now it’s been a while that I feel better.
Now I found someone who accepted me with my past and I am happy. Coping up with what happened with me, hope you all find true love and do everything to make it work between you both.