Essential Shoe Styles and Colours for Redheads - Guest Post

Essential Shoe Styles and Colours for Redheads

Shoe Styles and Colours for Redheads
Shoe Styles and Colours for Redheads

​Redheads have to deal with a whole lot of rules – from always wearing sunscreen to certain fashion guidelines. If you’re anything like me, you grew up as a strawberry blonde or a carrot top being told what colours you should avoid and this list always seemed a whole lot longer than the acceptable hues. Since I’m more of a positive person, I’m opting to focus on the colours that will make your power as a redhead really pop – whether you wear these shades in skirts, shirts, or even stylish shoes

Is there a better go-to colour for a redhead than green? Whether it’s bright lime, deep jade or even a blue-tinged turquoise, green is a shade that will automatically brighten your red locks and provide a stunning contrast. Feel fabulous in a pair of embroidered emerald velvet boots or a delicious rumpled satin tank in a frothy shade of teal.
The contrast of royal blue with bright red hair can certainly make any redhead stand out in the crowd! Think ginger-haired Joan in the hit T.V. show Mad Men. Whether it’s sapphire velvet flats, blue jeans or the popular blue and red look, this colour can work for you!
I realize your grandmother might be rolling over in her grave at my challenging the old adage that redheads should never wear red but, please, hear me out. It is possible to look fabulous in crimson or ruby or a blast of bright poppy if you’re careful. The key? Seek out tones that work your particular skin and hair. For inspiration, look to Nicole Kidman rocking red dresses at the Emmys and other occasions.
Basic white can bring out the deep auburn and copper tones of your hair and make it your most beautiful accessory. Don’t be afraid to dress in this neutral tone to really stand out in the crowd. Try a popular puffy sleeve top with a pair of jeans or a flowing boho-styled white dress with white sneakers or simple ivory flip-flops. Dress up your look with bright lipgloss or more colour in your face makeup in order to avoid being washed out.
The best advice any redhead can get is to find your own personal style, wear the shades you know look good on you, and love the look you love to wear! After all, the most essential beauty component for anyone is confidence!