7 Safety Solo Travel Tips for an Adventurous Woman like You - Guest Post

7 Safety Solo Travel Tips for an Adventurous Woman like You

Solo Travel Tips for women
Solo Travel Tips for women

​Either you’re simply itching to try that Italian food in Singapore your friend has repeatedly recommended you or you just feel the need to take a quick break from the busy city, a solo travel can be your line of choice.  A solo travel lets us enjoy our sacred ME time. But apparently for women, travelling alone can be more challenging. The least thing we want to happen is to become a victim of crooks during our supposed to be happy hours. Good thing, with some safety tips, we can decrease, if not avoid, the chances of suffering from unwanted events.
Below are some safety travel tips that will help women have peace of mind in their solo getaways. 
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1.   Pack smart, pack light.
To tell you, huge heavy bags are the last thing you’ll need in your trip. Aside from the fact that carrying those from places to places is a real hassle, luggages can also be a thief’s way to victimize you. One of their tricks is to offer a hand in carrying those suitcases. But instead of helping you out, they’ll likely run away with your belongings leaving you in shock.
To avoid such scenario, refrain from bringing too much things with you. Only include what you really need.
2. Separate an emergency cash from your other money.
You can never tell if you’ll get pickpocketed or you’ll run out of money due to sudden circumstances. That being said, it is advisable to keep in you a decent amount of cash in case things get any bad. Be sure you have it separated from your other money so you won’t be left cashless. You can hide some in your tampon cases or you may sew bills in your scarfs, bra, or hat linings that you always wear in your person.
3. Take shots of your travel documents and put them on Google drive or somewhere else you can access in any computer.
Even seasoned travellers often overlook this tip. Of course, you wouldn’t want to imagine yourself being robbed. However, it’s always better to be ready and save yourself from embassy scramble in case of theft. For sure, you would not want to spend any more time with the bureaucratic red tape than you need to in case your passport or travel documents go missing.
4. Get an international phone plan and schedule check-ins with someone at home.
International phone plans are no longer that pricey like they used to be. If you are planning to be gone for a few weeks, have a friend or family member to schedule with you your check – ins. Just schedule a few places on your trip where you are going to come up for air, let someone know exactly where you are.
5. Dress conservatively like a local.
Needless to say, tourists are the major targets of pickpockets since they usually know a little about the place. You don’t want to be robber’s apple of an eye, do you? That being said, you can choose to blend in and not look the least bit touristy. Thieves looking for a “mark” will skim right over a woman dressed like a local. Moreover, covering up will spare you most unwanted male attention when personal safety is a concern.
6. Pretend to be married if you must.
Being that single gal lurking around in a big unfamiliar city puts a lot of curiosity in many parts of the world. Conservative cultures even view a single woman traveling as someone who’s open to less decent interactions. If you are only for travels and don’t want to get around with men of intentions, you may need to wear a fake wedding ring to dissuade some kind “what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this” line of question.
7. Stay alert and with your bags when in transit.
No matter where you are in the world, bus and train stations are common places to get robbed. Refrain from spending too much time on the streets looking lost. Enter a café, shop or anywhere safer in case you need to check your phone or look at a map. It’s also better if you can book a pre- order transfer with professional cab drivers to hotel where you’ll be staying.