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The 5 Tips to Be a Stylish Groom

Stylish Groom
Stylish Groom

​Being a rite of passage in and of itself, a marriage ceremony has to be memorable for the bride and more so for the groom.
Careful planning is important in order to organize a truly stellar wedding. But apart from getting great events rentals and an amazing venue, you also need to be in your most fetching.
If there’s one thing you will need to prioritize being the groom, it’s how you present yourself at the altar. After all, a wedding is a life-changing event, so you’ll have to be looking your best for the occasion.
Here are the five ways to look stylish for your partner.

Pick the right suit
The most important thing about being the groom is the suit you’ll be wearing for the big day. A tailored jacket, spotless short, and fine slacks are an essential part of your get-up. So, make sure you have all this prepared for the wedding.
The choice of a set is critical. Whether you’re shopping for a new suit or have one that’s made from scratch, size really does matter. You wouldn’t want the proportions to be off, so make sure you wear something that wraps around your figure nicely. That being said, make sure to try on a sample. If the shoulders are too broad, try another fit or have it modified right away.
For the waist, make sure the suit fits you perfectly, lest you risk looking like a coat hanger. If you’re opting for a tuxedo, it’s always a good idea to start with a slimmer size and work your way towards a broader size. Keep in mind of the material of the fabric and make sure the suit of your choice won’t limit your movements.
Pocket square
If you want to look stylish, you will have to prepare even the smallest details of your get-up. Although it looks a negligible piece of your suit, but a pocket square is still an essential piece of wedding wardrobe. A suit just doesn’t look as good without one.
When choosing a pocket square for your suit, it’s always best to start with the color. Of course, if you’re wearing a darker suit ranging from pitch black to navy blue, you can choose either predominantly white or blue pocket square.
If you’re wearing a grey suit, you can choose a darker pocket square. You can pick any design you want, but floral patterns are always popular. For the material, opt for high quality and durable fabrics that won’t fade.
For the choice of trousers, it’s a good rule of thumb to pick a uniform color that matches the shade of your suit. In this case, opt for slacks with more or less the same color as your suit.
In terms of size, you would want to get the right fit that doesn’t constrict your lower body too much. Regular style slacks are often preferable, but if you want to highlight your physique, a straight slim or a regular slim style would be good. The length should be too long as to drop on top of your shoes. As much as possible, you may want to crop the hem at least half an inch above the bridge.
Now, let’s talk about shoes. When it comes to footwear, you will need to pick a breathable size.
Comfort is second to none when finding the right pair for your feet, so don’t give your size. Try on a sample and see if it’s comfortable to walk on. For this, linen slip-ons can provide a touch of sophistication without sacrificing comfort.
Still, the best option for a wedding would be a pair of tied Oxford black shoes. This allows for extra space around the toes.
Your presentation wouldn’t be complete without the right hairstyle. After all, your hair adds to the appeal of your wardrobe, so make sure to choose a style you can work with.
For instance, if you have long hair and like to keep it that way at the day of the wedding, you can choose to have tied into a ponytail or thinned out and blow dried. For shorter styles, you may want to trim around the side and thin out the top. For a cleaner look, you could style it into a brush up or have the hair set towards the side.