Summer in the Office: 6 Fashion Tips for Hot Business Days

Summer in the Office: 6 Fashion Tips for Hot Business Days

Fashion Tips

Remain professional by Never show too much skin!

This is probably the biggest event for business outfits par: the temptation to respond to the heat with clothing that shows more skin than is good for you or your professional advancement. Absolutely avoid too deep neckline, a short skirt to open shoes. I think if you are interested in fashion, we do not have to talk about the appropriateness of spaghetti straps, shorts or flip-flops in the professional life (if they do: Admit it!). There is also relatively frequent – and often unwanted – gaffe, as too much transparency or bra straps, or other parts of your underwear hervorblitzen. 

But what is not always known: Even sleeveless looks legs without stockings, a skirt length that is shorter than a few inches above the knee, or shoes that show your toes, are frowned upon in many a conservative business environment. If you are not sure what yet O.K. is, then you are based on the female executives in your company in these details!

Make sure that your clothes while looser , but is still structured

Structure is the alpha and omega for business attire. Even if it is more convenient in the summer that the substance falls a little looser on the body, so should not come at the expense of shape and cut it. Details that give a garment structure , for example, shirt collar with web , lapel collar , light shoulder pads or shoulder yokes , breast and flap pockets , princess seams , bust darts , other seams , plackets , trimmings , collars , carefully defined and placed folds or draping , a being set shaped waistband , forming rock tracks and much more. Often there are properties that were taken from the men’s fashion that make a garment business -ready. Also look for loose-fitting clothing on such details and you will always be “attracted ” act.

Avoid anything that looks too feminine, sexy or pushy!

Of course, you should feel and dress in female job, if that’s your style. But here it comes weigh when too much female Chichi or even sexiness of your career is detrimental. Especially in the summer a lot of clothes, the ruffles, flounces, long flowing skirts, lace, transparent fabrics and eye-catching floral design offered, have. A general rule there is not, but I would advise you to just give up everything too much and uncontrollably moved or strums what can be found abundantly in the lingerie department or female children’s clothes and what attention from your head to very distracting. The same goes for jewelry and accessories. Then you are on the safe side. And if it then nevertheless times the conspicuous flowers decor or the color has to be bang, then pour these substances throughout classical, strict cuts and combine it with neutral colors – and everything is quite tame …

light and airy dresses, skirts and blouses belong to the first aid box of summer business attire

If you keep everything covered, but this show structure and to avoid heat build-up, light dresses, skirts and blouses are your best choice. Especially some clothes classics worthwhile in the summer: the right body-hugging sheath dress, you can complement with an airy shirt dress, a wrap dress or an A-line dress. To do this, choose a cut that flatters your figure type. With the right arm length, an advantageous neckline and a matching skirt shape for you and length you have already won. The same is true for the timeless classic pencil skirt. You can use in the summer with lighter fabrics, brighter colors or patterns. Or take up more airy alternatives: The A-line skirt, the skirt with box pleat straight forward, the light flared skirt, the skirt with pleats Gödel, who bayed at waist skirt or wrap-around skirt. Also blouses have been a bit casual in the summer and are worn loosely falling over narrow trousers or skirts.

Summery fabrics make blazer , cardigan and Co. Bearable

Crucial to your well-being in summer office are the materials you wear. Absolutely avoid synthetic materials and prefer natural fabrics of cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, cool wool, or mixtures thereof. While most synthetic fibers produce a heat accumulation on the body and not to transport moisture to the outside, ensure natural materials for a comfortable fit-air. Blazers, Cardigans and long pants are so summer-ready. The only exception: with premium viscose has a very comfortable fit. Test to see if this may for simple T-shirts, flowing wrap dresses or casual pants falling comes into question for you. In blazers you should also make sure that the summer variant is not or only partially lined.

These lightweight fabrics not seem appropriate underwear, dresses or vests are required. Create the necessary shaping or opaque “basis”. These are silk, the finest cotton, microfiber and eglantine your best friends.