Quick Fixes: How to Dress-up Your T-Shirt and Jeans – - Guest Post

Quick Fixes: How to Dress-up Your T-Shirt and Jeans –

T-Shirt and Jeans
T-Shirt and Jeans

Many women (and men) are quick to reach for the basic style elements of jeans and a t-shirt as a go-to everyday casual outfit and it is guaranteed that everyone has at least two pairs of jeans that are similar, if not the same. Because, when you’ve finally built a wardrobe of perfect-fitting and comfortable jeans and t-shirts, it’s hard to take them off. Instead of sporting the same look every weekend, why not try something different and dress up the jeans and t-shirt to create a look that is not so basic. Whether you are running errands, hitting the shops or even going for cocktails with friends, you can dress up your t-shirt and jeans for almost any occasion.


When dressing up your jeans and a t-shirt, you don’t always have to throw layers over the top for a transformation. Accessories are a subtle yet effective way of dressing up your outfit.

Belts are often forgotten about or used as a necessity to hold a pair of baggy jeans up. However, wearing a belt is actually a great way to dress even the most basic pair of jeans up. The general rule for womens leather belts this season is the more eye-catching the better, so don’t be afraid to go big. Pair a thick brown leather belt with some blue jeans and a white t-shirt for a super cool yet effortless look perfect for an evening outfit. If brown belts aren’t your thing, then try a black thin-line belt and pair with some black boots.

A great way to accessorise your basic t-shirt is by layering it with necklaces. You can do this by wearing a statement necklace or choker to compliment the round-neck t-shirt to create a stylish point of interest. Another popular trend this season is the layering of small necklaces to make a subtle statement. To do this, mix and match different style and sized chains to create an individual piece. This will also add texture to your outfit.


Jeans and heels is a combination you cannot go wrong with. Heels are the best way to dress up a pair of jeans up to transform your basic look to something smart-casual and of effortless class and style. The best part about it is you can wear your heels with whatever style of jean suits you best, so there are no limitations and the variety of looks are endless.

If you opt for heels with skinny fit jeans, then be sure to cuff the bottom of the jeans to show off your ankles for a feminine and elegant look. You can wear almost any style of heel with skinny jeans and one that is particularly popular is the pointed toe heel which elongates your legs and gives you a look that is fresh off the runway.  Since your jeans are plain, don’t be afraid to play around with different coloured or patterned heels for a fun and cheeky look that screams high-end fashion.

Flannel Shirt

Although this look can be worn all year round, it works particularly well for the fall or winter. Flannel shirts are extremely versatile and can be worn in many different ways to create an array of super cute looks that will transform your t-shirt and jeans. Wear an oversized flannel open as a cardigan to add layer and texture to your outfit. Or it can be worn closed and tucked into your jeans for a smarter approach. A popular way to wear the shirt is cropping it by tying the bottom into a knot and pairing with high waisted jeans. Finally, for a super 90s casual vibe, tie the shirt round your waist for an effortlessly stylish look.

Daring Double Denim

As a look, double denim thrives off consistency. Mix and matching denim could result in a fashion crisis. Keep dark denim with dark, faded with faded and washed with washed being sure that the blue tones are similar. If the tones are too similar then it may look like you are wearing a denim suit, as opposed to a cool casual look. This look is worn best with a white tee as this breaks up the block of denim colour and doesn’t clash.

Luxurious Leather

Adding a leather jacket to the mix is a super fashionable way to style your basis and is a perfect look for shopping in the City or meeting friends for lunch. Skinny fit jeans look best with this look. Simply took your tee into your jeans and layer a leather jacket on top. There are many styles of leather jackets you could play around with, so you are sure to find one that suits you. For an even chicer look, hang the jacket over your shoulders and wear without sleeves. To tie the whole look together, style with a pair of leather ankle boots.