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How can I tell if my tennis bracelet is real?

tennis bracelet
tennis bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a piece of jewelry that contains small diamonds intricately placed together on a thin precious metal mounting such as platinum or gold. The reason why this bracelet is named so is a similar bracelet was owned by Chris Evert. She lost one of the diamonds during a tennis match in 1987 at the US Open. Since then, it is known as a tennis bracelet or a tennis chain. Even though it is one of the most popular diamond jewelry designs, it is very important to know whether the tennis chain you are about to purchase is real or fake.

If you want to know if your tennis chain is real or fake, this article is for you. We are going to share some tips with you to spot a fake tennis bracelet. So without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Tips to spot a fake tennis bracelet:

1.         The breath test:

Genuine tennis bracelets contain diamonds. It is important to assure these diamonds are real. One of the simplest yet effective ways to spot a fake diamond is the breath test. All you need to do is to place the diamond close to your mouth and breathe on it. If the diamond is fake, its surface will get foggy. However, if it’s a real diamond your breath will disappear as it leaves your mouth.

This test isn’t very accurate because some sellers use synthetic materials with similar properties as those of a diamond. Genuine diamonds have thermal properties that don’t retain the fog. That’s the reason why it gets cleared up right away. If your tennis bracelet has another stone with similar properties, you will not be able to tell it apart using the breath test. However, it is the first test you should perform to tell fake diamonds apart from genuine.

2.         Look for scratches:

Another great way to tell if your tennis bracelet is genuine or fake is to see if the surface of diamonds has scratches. Real diamonds are exceptionally durable and tough. They do chip however, they never scratch. If the stones on your tennis bracelet are scratched, it is a clear indication that it is fake.

Some fake sellers use softer limitations of diamonds for example glass or zirconia. These materials look a lot like a diamond but they scratch. if the stones on a tennis bracelet scratch easily, it probably has either glass or zirconia in place. If the bracelet is new and doesn’t have scratches, it is hard to tell whether you are buying a genuine or fake piece of jewelry.

3.         Diamond tester:

Another accurate method is to test your tennis bracelet with a diamond tester. It is a tool that tests the physical properties of a diamond and tells whether it is genuine or fake. This tool relies on heat or electrical impulses to test the authenticity or fakeness of the diamond.

It is one of the most accurate tools as it uses electrical conductivity to test the genuineness of the stone. You might be charged for this service. However, the cost will be way lesser than the loss you have to incur in case you end up buying a fake diamond.

4.         Check for light distortion:

The light distortion test is another test that allows you to check the authenticity of a diamond. One of the properties of diamonds is to distort light. Therefore, it is hard to clearly see through them. If you can see through the stone, there is a high chance that it is fake.

Wrapping up:

Whether you are buying a tennis bracelet for yourself or a loved one, you need to see whether you are buying a genuine or a fake item. There are various ways to spot a fake diamond. You can do the breath test, light test, scratch test, or get it professionally checked by a diamond tester. The more reliable method you choose the higher are your chances to avoid being scammed. Surprise your beloved with a genuine piece of diamond jewelry. Don’t get scammed, carefully test your tennis bracelet before making the payment.