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The Best Jewelry and Accessories for A Plus Size

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Guest Post By: Trudy Seeger fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Being a plus size doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wear flattering clothes and accessories. No, it only means that you have to wear the accessories proportionately, boldly, creatively, minimally, but also with some level of pop. Once you learn to be comfortable in your body, you can make a statement with the following jewelry or accessories:

  • Earrings

Do you always think of how the earrings will make you look rather than how they look? Not often, huh? Well, you can change that by always looking beyond the hanging earrings and how pretty they look. The best earrings for a plus size body are slightly big and you may opt for the small studs, you can never go wrong with studs and loops.

  • Necklaces

Do not buy small or tight necklaces, however cute they appear. These small pieces may make your neck look shorter. Go for long necklaces or even wear two unequal necklaces to lengthen your neck. You can also try chunky necklaces for extra flair.

  • Belts

The most common question or fashion concern for plus size ladies is the belt. Which is the best belt and how should I wear the belt? Since all belts are different, how you wear it will determine how you will look. For a fitted look, you should wear the belt over a cardigan, a long scarf, a dress without a waistline, or underneath a cardigan. The belt should be worn over your smallest part of the torso.

  • Watches and bracelets

Watches and bracelets enhance the appearance of any person, slim or otherwise. They are effective in adding some visual interest over your outfit, and also make you look classy, especially a good watch. The number one rule over bracelets and watchesfor every plus size lady is to go big. This takes the emphasis off your arms. You should also avoid wearing small rings as they will put unnecessary emphasis on the size of your fingers. Go for fitting chunky bracelets or watcheswith thick straps.

  • Handbags and purses

Go for handbags that are slightly big and ones that hang at a decent height above the hips. It shouldn’t be too small as that will get lost in your figure. You should also try bolder colors when wearing monochromatic colors, and medium or big purses when you need them. There are stores that sell affordable wholesale handbags and purses online and you’ll find a fit. Always keep proportionality in mind.

  • Scarves

There is no one way of wearing scarves and you don’t need to wear a scarf just because it’s cold. Scarfs are timeless accessories that add pop and life to your outfit. You can wear the scarf on as a belt, as a bracelet, as a headband, or around your neck as a necklace. You can also wear a long scarf and put a belt over it to flatter your shape.

  • Shoes

A lady is never fully dressed without good shoes (and a smile). The shoes worn should comfortably support your weight. Chunky heels or sandals are perfect, but you should also consider the weather, occasion and outfit worn.
In conclusion, these are just some of the ways in which you can accessorize simply to look elegant, comfortable, and adorable. The best part about accessorizing is that you can always use what you have in your jewelry box and the closet differently. You no longer have an excuse to look less beautiful.