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This is the fashionable clothes for summer

summer fashion
summer fashion

This summer season 2020 is renewed and more fun only hope that climate change and let us again we enjoy some sun and have less rain and shine our premium-summer outfit:

 As we know each summer vivid colors are inn, now this season the colors in the clothes are light colors like blue and pink pastel surprise of the year is not the marsala but the gray color that will be used as the new blank so shopping for clothes with these colors.

 Simple is best, in this season’s minimalist style is all the straight lines, basic colors, geometric patterns, and few accessories.

Yes, as many as imagined tropical prints, jungle and multi-floral will be as this season, the colors are intense and may be kept in dresses, shirts, and skirts, just enough to combine with a smooth garment and neutral colors.

Believe it or not, winter seem more and metalized textures especially in fashion shoes such as sports, just remember that a lot of shine can dazzle and does not look good so you have to learn to balance it.

The skirts of the 30s and 40s where extra high waist and long midi skirts have a flight or straight if you combine it with a crop top and good pair of high shoes better.