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Tailoring Tips for Clothing Alterations

Tips for Clothing Alterations
Tips for Clothing Alterations

​Truly everything in your wardrobe will look good on you when it actually fits you. And the secret to perfect fitting clothes is a tailor.

The biggest advantage of having a tailor by your side is that besides making your clothes fit, working with the tailor can help you decide which clothing work better for your body and help to ensure your clothes last longer.

To get the precisely trim fit you want, you must know tailoring tips for clothing alterations Galway. These tips will make altering your clothes a lot easier.

Don’t expect results overnight

If your tailor is too busy, it means he is a skilled professional who knows his work. But whether you are approaching an experienced tailor or a newbie, don’t expect an overnight miracle.

The time required for altering clothes depends upon the item. Simple clothing alterations like hems can take 3-5 days depending on the availability of your tailor. However, complex alterations can take a few weeks time.

You can get rush services in the case of an emergency, but it’s better to bring the item with some spare time.

All fabrics are  created differently

All fabrics are not created equal. Some fabrics are lighter and delicate than others, and some fabrics require more time to alter than others.

For example, silks are very comfortable and lightweight to wear, but they are very temperamental for altering. The hand stitching is better for this fabric than machine stitching.

Buy the right size always

Fluctuation in weight is normal- a few pounds up and down. So, buying clothes that fit you, whether you are five pounds up or down is a good idea. Don’t buy clothes that are too large or too small.

Evans says that “It’s probably the best idea to buy new clothes instead of tailoring an item that is too large or too small.”

That doesn’t mean that you can never the dress to wish to wear. One possible solution is to buy the quality material that can offer you the chances of altering. Buy clothes that are stretchable so they can fit you for normal weight fluctuations.

Tailoring is worth it

If the price of tailoring is too high, you might be questioning dies is actually worth the investment.

However, a properly tailored dress makes you feel better and more confident. Kronovet said, “Tailors add significant value to your wardrobe by keeping your clothes fit as well as comfortable.”

Think about it: How many dresses in your wardrobe actually make you feel comfortable when you wear them. We know there are some items, that when altered can breathe a new life into it.

If you invest in a piece that is classic, then yes you should alter them. However, if you buy less expensive clothes, altering may not worth it. You will be paying more than the garments’ worth.

Don’t alter everything by your own

Also, if you how to thread a needle, you can go for DIY tailoring methods to alter your clothes. But does every cloth worth DIY alterations?

Absolutely not! Use DIY tips sparingly, as these are not the long terms methods to alter your clothes. But for high-quality and expensive, tailoring is worth the investment.

Article by: Aarif Habeeb