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Tips to choose ethnic wear according to body shape

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Fashion is an art-It is a very famous quot in fashion industry and anyone who knows this art can style herself better. To become deft in this art, you need to know so many things like choosing color of outfits, color of accessories and more crucial but less cared thing is choosing outfits according to the body shape. Yes, you need to take care about your body shape before choosing any wear like, it looks very odd if a woman having pear-shaped body wears a skinny jeans. This was only one example, there are so many things that you need to know before choosing an outfit whether it is a western wear or an ethnic wear.

Therefore, in this article I am going to share some tips to choose ethnic wears according to body shape.

1. Pear-Shaped Body Type:

In India around 21% women have pear shaped body. This category includes the women who are having narrow shoulders and large bottom.

  • Kurtas having dark color collar and designs around the waist will be a nice choice. It will feature you upper part of your body which is slimmer.
  • Another way to hide your lower body in a stylish way is kurti tunics having light color and dark color at bottom.
  • You can also try Patiyalas that will balance your body shape

2. Hourglass-Shaped Body Type-

This is rarely seen body type because only around 8% woman have such type of body shape and the interesting thing is that most of the woman wish to have this type of body shape. The best thing about this body type is that it is very easy to style in such type of a body shape. This shape has properly shaped shoulders and good looking slim waist makes a woman more fascinating.

  • Flared kurtis, anarkali, legging are nice choice and you can also buy designer kurtis as the best choice.
  • You should choose color which match hue of your body skin.
  • You should not wear baggy, loose outfits otherwose it will look very bad.

3. Apple-Shaped Body Type:

This category contains around 15% women. Apple shapes body type is a shape in which, a woman has slim arms and legs and larger bottom or tummy. Such types of women should wear outfits which do not focus at the upper figure.

  • Women come under this category should choose such type of wear which focus to slim legs and this is possible by a combination of short kurtis and leggings.
  • This type of women should avoid a kurti which are having yoked pattern and Mandarin collar pattern.
  • You can also try cotton clothes that will help you in looking slimmer.

4. Square-Shaped Women:

A rectangle shaped or square shaped woamen does not any curve so the smart tip is, wear such type of clothes which will create an illusion, like you are having curves at right places.

  • To have a classy and trendy look you can try designer kurti and designer salwar kameez.
  • Say no to tight outfits that will highlight your body-shape.
  • Avoid loose clothes that will not exhibit any body curve.