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Top 10 Fitness Apps


Whether you want to adorn those six pack abs, get back in shape or simply maintain your health, there is something useful for each one of you on our list of top 10 fitness apps. From providing you a step-by-step instruction for every kind of exercise that you practice to keeping a track of your calorie consumption every day, you are about to find yourself an amazing fitness partner on this blog.

  1. Workout Trainer

Available on both Android and Apple app stores for free, Workout Trainer has in store thousands of workouts for you with step-by-step guide. In addition to that, you can build your own custom workouts and share those with other people while viewing the workouts shared by the community also.

  1. JEFIT

JEFIT, being available on iOS and Android store free of cost proves to be an amazing resource for those who want to do bodybuilding or strength training. This app has routines that have been sorted by target parts. It comes as a complete package with detailed instructions, exercise log, workout planner and progress tracker.

  1. UP by Jawbone

The UP fitness app by Jawbone is available on app stores for free. Even if you don’t have a tracker, it connects to your smart phone sensors. You can track various metrics like your activity intensity, the steps that you have taken and the calories burned each day. You can also enter your daily food and drinks consumptions along with your sleeping quantity manually.

  1. Fitbit

I know most of you think that Fitbit app is designed to be used with the fitbit wearable device exclusively.  However, the app is really useful as standalone tracker also. It uses your phone’s inbuilt sensors to record the steps you take daily and the GPS is employed to keep a check on your regular running and walking routes. It also has a food log that tracks your nutrition intake along with providing a calorie estimate.

  1. FitStar

Free for iOS users, you can configure your workout goals and ideal workout duration and the app will customize a workout session exclusively to match your needs. You can even set the difficulty level in the app so that it will get accustomed to your capacity and help you increase it gradually without adversely affection your body.

  1. Sworkit

This app has an amazing feature that allows you to customize your routine as your workout goals change. You can select among an array of option to determine the purpose of your exercise. Whether you want to do yoga, build strength, practice stretches or build a cardio routine, you can do it easily with Sworkit.

  1. Strava Running and Cycling

Besides being a usual cycling and running tracker, Stava Running and Cycling consist of some gamified and competitive features also. It does not only track your course, time taken, distance travelled and running speed but also merge it with challenges, achievements and leader boards so that it acts as a motivation.

  1. Fitocracy

If you are a social network junkie then this app would provide you a perfect platform to share your exercise routines and achievements with other Fitocracy users and view theirs too. It works as a great motivator as your peers would be able to not only view your updates but also comment on them.

  1. MapMyFitness

This is an all-inclusive fitness app that allows you to track your progress either automatically or manually and you have around 600 types of activities to choose from. You can track the calories burned regularly with this app. Even the running and biking routes can be tracked with GPS.

     10. Runkeeper

Runkeeper uses the GPS of your smart phone to track the cycling, running, hiking among other distance exercises. It records your distance, calories burned, pace and total exercise time, while also facilitating you to tag photographs on the go. You can track your workout history and measure the progress also.

These apps are really useful to track the workout as well as calorie intake. However, if you are setting up some serious exercise goals for yourself you may even want to invest in a fitness gadget or gear like the Freeze and Slim belt which freezes your fat away with mere one hour of regular use without affecting your routine activities.