Top 10 natural and organic makeup brands that your face will love you for

organic makeup brands
organic makeup brands

Top 10 natural and organic makeup brand that your face will love you for

Organic makeup is definitely one of the most attractive makeup trends nowadays. We all know, skin is the largest organ of our body, it quickly absorbs whatever we apply on its surface and reaches directly to the bloodstream. Organic cosmetics are mostly handmade and derived from natural ingredients. All these natural products have been around the planet since decades, but it was only used by a certain group of people. Today organic beauty has set up an upward curve in the beauty industry.

By applying organic and natural cosmetics, you are not only doing yourself a favour but to the planet also. People, animals and the environment are all spared from harmful chemicals. Given the fact, Organic and natural beauty care products contain some nutrients that your skin has the capability to care for itself. Not only your body absorbs the nutrients from the food that you eat, but also through your skin.

We have compiled top 10 natural and organic makeup brands that are known to be effective for a long time. These brands are all your skin needs to be healthy and effective.

  1. Just herbs : Just herb is a brand which deals in formulation of pure, bespoke and ayurvedic cosmetics which is made from certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients gathered from across India. The motive of this brand is to help everyone make the most of their health through organic, herbal and safe products, with nothing other than pure ingredients. All the lipsticks are infused with pure herbs that help in carrying the nutritive benefits directly to the innermost layer of the lips. Try these chemical free lipsticks from just herbs to get the softer and smoother lips texture.
  1. Echt beauty : Echt beauti is a brand which believes in bridging the gap between desirability and availability of credible and safe products. The goal of this brand is to provide and promote 100% organic, cruelty free and vegan cosmetics to the makeup lovers. The dream of using organic and natural makeup is now accessible and possible through Echt beauti. The products are so good and affordable that you will absolutely get addicted to them. See the complete range of all the makeup products from
  1. Tinge : Tinge is a bengaluru based body beauty brand founded by Sabrina Suhail which deals in organic and natural makeup products for every skin tone, texture and colour. It focuses on offering cruelty free and vegan products in addition to the benefits of customizing products according to the preferred need. All the products are made to last longer and the quality is great. You can check abundance of the cruelty free and 100% organically farmed cosmetic products including lipsticks, foundations, concealers. Visit to check further.
  1. Ruby’s Organic : First Organic Makeup brand with wide-ranging products designed for Indian skin tones. This natural and organic brand specializes in providing products that are curated with 100% organic and natural sourced ingredients to flatter you and your makeup tendency. Most of the ingredients involved in formulations of these products are certified by ECOCERT, COSMOS or NATRUE.
  2. Azafran Organics : This Organic brand is a certified brand which places confidence in providing pure organic products that are formulated with 35 distinctive varieties of organic flowers, plants and herbs. The elementary objective is to create valuable and high quality products for you without damaging the environment. Every product in their list has been derived with careful consideration towards beauty goals.
  1. Ilana Organics : Ilana Organics is a natural makeup and personal care brand which claims itself to be kind to nature and kinder to your skin and hair.  The mission of this brand is – ‘picky women are our kind of women’. You can try its soft blur, cream concealer, foundation that has blends seamlessly and gives a natural dewy look.
  1. Paul Penders : Paul Penders is an organic beauty brand that deals in curating fascinating foundations for every skin type and textures. All skincare and beauty care products are certified by an international accredited agent to guarantee their efficiency and originality. Some of the most favourite picks are handmade lipsticks, natural mascara and moisture foundation.
  1. Organicmill : It is an organic and natural beauty brand founded by Shreni Kashyeb that deals in formulating freshly prepared cosmetics on order basis. The newly launched bb cream by this brand is laden with richness of shea and cocoa butter to help you give flawless coverage, nourishment and hydration to the skin.
  1. Bon Organics  : Brand inspired by nature’s secrets towards longevity and healing properties infested in their precious essential oils, gentle herbs, fragrant flowers and other valuable botanicals. The best buy from this brand is its loose powder which is successful in providing a super matte finish and coverage to your skin.
  1. Soultree : Soultree is a certified organic brand which gives a special value addition to the brand and the customers. It’s lipsticks are made from pure natural and organic ingredients which enhance the beauty of your natural lips. The BB cream is enriched with turmeric and sandalwood which makes it a best buy for acne prone skin. You can choose your favourite from the wide range of products available at their site.

Go ahead and get started immediately, the sooner you will start using these brands, the sooner you will be able to protect your health in the long run. Switch your conventional beauty bags now!