Top 10 Natural and Organic Shampoo in India

Organic Shampoo
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Top 10 Natural and Organic Shampoo in India :

When it is about your hair, settling for just a normal product is a sin. There’s an old saying ‘health is wealth’. It implies just as much as to your hair as it does to the body. So, that’s why it is very mandatory to take care of your hair with good natural and organic hair care products.

Benefits of natural and organic shampoos are gaining a lot of popularity because now people are very concerned about the exposure of harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. Shampoos loaded with harmful chemicals can damage your hair. Some cleaning agents are so harsh that they can cause many hair related problems including, making the hair brittle and increasing the fizz. This can be especially challenging for the people with sensitive skin and scalp situations that need pure formulas.

Listed below is a complete list of the top 10 natural and organic shampoo in India that you should definitely buy. All these hair care formulas are 100% sulphate and paraben free which helps in every hair care concern without causing any side effects.

  1. Kama Ayurveda himalayan deodar hair cleanser : It is a purifying and scalp toning hair cleanser that works incredibly on thin hair follicles to make it thick and voluminous. It promotes hair strength, relieves hair loss, breakage while enhancing the texture and shine. Moreover, it is a very mild hair cleanser which is free of sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals. It is enriched with ingredients like vegetable sources and soy protein that improves the strength of hair follicles.
  1. Tea Tree Peppermint Syndet Shampoo Bar : This shampoo bar is a must buy as it helps in clearing the hair follicle root of excess oil and chemicals buildup from other hair care products. Tea tree oil is beneficial for cleansing the skin by removing dandruff, infection and allowing it to heal. Lemongrass present in this bar is also helpful in adding hydration to the hair so that they look more bouncy and shiny. Moreover, shampoo bars are very convenient to use and they can be stored in small soap bar containers which won’t be taking much space as compared to shampoo containers and bottles.

  1. Shikakai Powder : Shikakai powder has been a traditional ingredient for both beauty and hair care regimes since ages now. It is basically a climbing shrub which is the native to Asia. This raw and natural cleanser helps in cleansing your scalp gently while improving the texture of the hair. This Kans natural shikakai powder nourishes your scalp and boosts hair growth. This is how shikakai comes in as your saviour. Go buy it and make your hair look flawless.

  1. Plum olive and macadamia healthy hydration shampoo : This natural and healthy hydration shampoo by plum has the goodness of hibiscus and rosemary. It’s silicon free formula helps in reducing the product buildup on hair, and keeps the hair light and bouncy. It is 100% vegan, cruelty free and has no chemicals involved in its production process.
  1. Nourishing Syndet Shampoo bar : This shampoo by body muse is a perfect blend of 38 essential oils which is helpful for many hair related problems. Ingredients like peppermint, almond oil, bergamot, neem oil, and rosemary makes it an one stop solution for all your hair problems. This chemical free and an extraordinary product will definitely make you habitual to this product.

  1. Innila Red Onion Shampoo: Onions helps in boosting the blood circulation of the scalp which results in the quickened growth of the hair follicles. This product is specially formulated to maintain ph balance of your scalp while controlling hair fall. Moreover, this shampoo is formulated with the involvement of ancient ingredients like aloe vera, curry leaf, coffee extract, coconut, shikakai, hibiscus and all without the usage of any detrimental chemicals.
  1. Bee Pollen and Orange pulp Shampoo : This natural product by seer secrets helps in achieving flawless looking hair and regains the strength of your hair. Bee pollen is the food ingredient derived from the young bee pollen which contains 40% protein that helps in conditioning of your hair.

  1. Innila Himalayan Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo : This product by innila hair care is efficient in controlling hair fall and reducing the excess oil buildup in the scalp. The active ingredients present in this shampoo are quite compelling in preventing and killing dandruff causing yeast on the scalp. Apple cider vinegar works to break down the residue, making it easier to wash out with lukewarm water.

  1. St. Botanica Morrocan Argan Shampoo : Natural Ingredients like Argan oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, silk protein clary sage helps in deep cleansing your hair without leaving it dry and brittle. It adds hydration, shine and volume to the hair and makes it look more luminous. 
  1. Khadi herbal Saffron, tulsi and Reetha Shampoo : This is a very popular herbal shampoo in India which helps to make the hair grow and make it longer and thicker. It is enriched with ingredients like reetha and tulsi, which makes sure to eliminate any hair problems like scalp itching, dandruff, dry hair, so and forth.

Using the right hair care product will help you in gaining confidence. So, it is important to keep your hair condition exceptional and amazing every time you are out in public. Whether you realize it or not, your hair quality tells a lot about your personality. Keep it healthy and nourished by using above listed hair cleansers.

Thank you for reading! Take care and stay safe.