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Top 5 Car Accessories For Your Car To Make It Travel Ready

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Road trips are exciting and rejuvenating, whether solo or with friends and family. Any travel getaway on the highway needs preparation and planning for a memorable journey and stress-free experience. Car gadgets make a sure impact on your road trip. Mobile phone holders to audio systems are a few examples of gadget-ready cars that are a must these days. Car ambiance also plays a pivotal role in making the car trip clean and hygienic.  

There are many other car travel accessories to pursue on long drives. Some provide superior entertainment, and some boost the driving experience. Personal care and pet products are also finding their importance in road trips. How well-designed is your car environment is what you need to re-look at to create the edge. So, buckle up for a quick glimpse of top-five car accessories to enhance driver and passengers’ comfort and pleasure.

1.  Roof Top Tent

A rooftop tent is the ultimate camping accessory for the road trip—no more wet floor experience when you have a ute tub rack installed. You can transport this easy-to-set-up tent with ease. The features are unmissable. The lightweight rooftop tent can easily accommodate three people and is comparable to a full-size bed. It is simple to install and fits perfectly on your SUV’s roof. It looks firm and comfortable and is relaxing after a night journey by the road.

A roof ventilator opening with a mosquito screen is a steady source of ventilation. The rooftop tent can be easily mounted on most vehicles and opens out over the rear or side of the jeep. Get the mold-resistant, waterproof and breathable rooftop tent for nights out in the open.

2.  Smartphone Mount

This is an essential road trip accessory for business travelers who want to use their phone while driving and can’t avoid the phone calls on the way. A smartphone mount is ideal for hands-free calls and enhances safety when you are talking and going simultaneously. It also makes you use your phone as a GPS, and you can continue to listen to a great playlist and shuffle songs when driving.

Specific smartphone car mount models can hold phones of all sizes. This makes them size-compatible. Some phone mounts even support wireless charging. With the built-in Amazon Alexa feature, the car mount phones, make calls and find parking spots without taking your hands off the wheel.        

3.  Car Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your car interiors looking spic and span can be challenging. A furry friend on the next seat can make your car muddy and smelly. Snack items and leftovers further eat up the car’s hygiene and cleanliness. A portable car vacuum cleaner is an efficient and timesaving way to make your car travel-friendly.

Plug the car vacuum cleaner into your car lighter outlet to pick up dry and wet debris. The additional nozzles can get through hard-to-reach areas. The car vacuum cleaner’s strong suction and maneuverability feature make tidying up your car easy and manageable. The handheld vacuums will help you reach awkward spots and get pet hair off the upholstery.

4.  Hand Sanitizer Pump

Staying safe while driving goes beyond sun shades, tire pressure, and a dog seat belt. Whether commuting or starting on a road trip in the pandemic or non-pandemic zones, keep a few coronavirus-related items in the car ready and accessible. It’s smart to keep a hand sanitizer pump readily accessible in the car to keep visible and invisible germs away.    

Tuck a hand sanitizer pump in the car’s cup holder. The sanitizer pumps come in various colors and styles to keep the virus away from car passengers.   

5.  Backseat Car Organizer 

Packing for an extended road trip needs a lot of space. Sometimes the car trunk may be a misfit to keep handy items of use like newspapers, magazines, laptops, etc. The car backseat does not provide stability or enough room to accommodate all the things you have to take on the road trip.

The back seat organizer has multiple pockets that can be easily mounted to the back of the seats and can hold items like calculators, toys, tablets, writing pads, and much more. Since it doesn’t take up much room, co-passengers can comfortably fit in the backseat. A backseat organizer is great for holding items that can spill or get damaged if stored in the car trunk.

The Bottom Line

Dust and pollution are modern-day enemies. Keep your loved ones shielded against foul air when on a road trip by getting car purifiers. It will help eliminate bacteria and viruses and dust particles and protect you from allergies, coughs, and colds.

Stock basic stuff like tool kits, adequate fuel, and lubricants like engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid before driving long distances. This will make your road trip more accessible and hassle-free too.