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Top 7 Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths
Weight Loss Myths

The more advice you get for your weight loss, the harder it becomes to differentiate between the myths and the real solutions. Though it is in human nature to grab onto everything that we believe would help us in achieving the set goals, we have to realize that there are various factors that combine to affect various body processes.

You need to realize that if you would be working out on the wrongly based facts and knowledge, your efforts to lose the body fat are bound to fail. So, we are going to debunk some of the most common myths that are associated with the fat lose.

#1 Starvation is the Way

You need to understand that your body required energy to perform regular tasks. Unless you are sure that you would be doing absolutely nothing and just lying in the bed without moving a single bone in your body, this plan is going to backfire.

Remember: The less you eat, the more your body will rely on the calories that are already present in your body to produce energy, thus making you fat.

#2 You Should Not Eat After 6 PM

The famous “6 pm rule” comes from the time when we did not have much information human metabolism and nutritional science. Well, yes it is true that your body cannot digest food properly while you are asleep, it still converts the fuels into the energy reserves.

Remember: It’s fine to eat food late as far as there is a difference of at least 2 hours between the time you sleep and you have your dinner.

#3 Low Fat Foods and Beverages Make You Skinny

Yes, it is true to an extent that consuming fat makes us chubby, but do not underestimate the power of your body to regulate itself. Though the fatty and low-fat foods weigh and seem same, our body knows the difference.

Remember: Balance your meals with a one containing normal fat foods and one with low-fats. Keep the portion of both the meals same.

#4 You Should Avoid Carbs Completely

If losing weight was as easy that merely not consuming carbs could solve the issue, there would have been no complications at all. For instance, brown rice and corn syrup both are carbohydrate but we know which one is better for health.

Remember: Carbs come in different levels of digestibility. It depends on how slowly your body breaks down the food.

#5 You Can’t Eat Fast Food & Snacks

It is almost same as the starving myth. As long as your body does not give you a signal of feeling hungry or overfilling (so that your body is converting the energy into fat), it is perfectly fine to consume the snacks and fast food.

Remember: The key to long-lasting weight loss lies in the moderation. You don’t need to rely on fancy protein shakes or crazy diets for it.

#6 Hard Workout is the Only Way

It is quite a common myth that you can eat as much and whatever you want as far as you are exercising in the gym regularly. Well, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, many of the workouts you perform do not even provide cardiovascular benefits.

Remember: If you want to make the workouts effective for burning fat, make sure that they are made of protein (so consume it in good amount).

#7 Single Food Diet Will Work

Many of us think that following a single food diet would do the miracle to our body. In fact, we even read in blogs and magazines that many people are experimenting with it. On the contrary, it makes your body weak and deprive you from your other fat losing efforts also.

Remember: There is no single food that can provide your body with all the minerals, nutrition and vitamins that it requires to build healthy skin and strong muscles.

We hope that you have finally been able to bust your myths and would follow the right methods for a healthy, slim, and fit body!