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The Top Trending Colors of 2019 and How to Incorporate Them into Your Wardrobe

Trending Colors of 2019
Trending Colors of 2019

​With the new year ahead of you, it’s time to reassess your wardrobe and make sure you’re keeping it colorful and trendy.

Here’s a look at the hot new colors you will want to incorporate into your clothes, jewelry, and makeup in 2019.
Be Bold in Green

Last year, the tastemakers of Hollywood and the fashion world went a bit green. They played with the often-overlooked tone in hopes of revamping and refreshing the sometimes headache-inducing hue. They did it with new shades, beautiful emerald jewels, and stunning gowns.

Actress Marion Cotillard stepped up to the new trend in a silky green suit, making the beach-worthy color right at home at any producer meeting. She took it to the next level by wearing it out during the day, turning what would normally be an evening look into an afternoon of power moves.

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton attended the BAFTAs and showed off her baby bump under a stunning, dark green dress. The hue managed to be appropriate and inspiring all at once.

The always-lovely actress Issa Rae decided to use the same event to set off a gorgeous statement necklace with a big, beautiful emerald. The rectangular shape and low-hanging design took her already-jaw-dropping dress to a whole new level. Rae created an online journal about her preparation for the globes, which gives you a sneak peek at her jewelry and how she put the look together.

Star of Fury Road, and soon to be in the next Fantastic Beasts film, Zoe Kravitz took her unique style to the red carpet in a whole new way. In a black dress cut to show off her legs and insanely high heels, she strutted into the Golden Globes while everyone gasped. To top off the dress, she chose these gorgeous emerald gems so that every picture of her face was frame-worthy.

Plum Styling

Plum doesn’t produce the same ease as green or black. It’s a jewel tone, so the energy it exudes can throw you off balance or increase your creative powers. It’s important to put a harness on this powerful color so it doesn’t run away with your outfit.

Draw on the velvet trend and get in on this new penchant for wearing purple with a great pair of pants. Pair these with a soft, flowing white button-down or a basic black t-shirt that won’t compete with them. It isn’t often pants get to be a focal point; let yours have their moment.

If you’re more open to accessorizing with plum, go for a small piece with some texture. A purse is a great choice—it stands up and sings out without going off-key. Carry it day or night; this bag has the confidence to go anywhere.

To dress it up a little more, look for a jewel-toned dress. You don’t have to put on a gown to pull off plum. Something party-friendly looks just as fashionable and is perfect for cocktails with friends or a big date. Add earrings that can stand up to the dress.

Onyx in Your Closet and Keepsake Box

Black is always a dramatic, gorgeous color to wear and looks even more elegant when worn as a brooch. Designers are having far too much fun with their pieces, including this adorable brooch set of two dachshunds that combines onyx, diamonds, and darling dogs.

You don’t have to go the cute route if classic glamour is your game. For those who like to stay traditional, a pendant ring is a great option. For the jewelry-makers out there, a pendant ring is a good challenge. The differences in size and visual effect will test your skills as a designer.

If you want to mix it up, but not to the point of reinventing the onyx stone, try pairing one with some gold tones. It can look like a 1980s throwback, but that shouldn’t stop you. The big, colorful decade is currently inspiring a lot of designers, so be a tastemaker and try some black and gold earrings.

Another great option is green onyx. The gem doesn’t have the same texture as jade, and it isn’t as clear as an emerald. It’s a smooth, suave green that goes great in a number of settings. If you are making jewelry, you will want to grab some unique, green onyx gems for your studio.

One of the hot looks this season is velvet—onyx-black velvet, to be specific. To incorporate some color, wear your favorite black outfit with pretty plum earrings.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross made her black gown even more fabulous by adding a headpiece to the look when she attended the Golden Globes. The red carpet could not handle all this beauty.

Stunning Sapphire

Sapphire can come in a few shades, but this spring you want to look for its incarnations from blue to light green. This cool, dreamy color inspires designers around the world. Blue is wearable and manages to transport us in only a moment. Take advantage and get some blue for spring.

Up your jewelry game with a funky pendant that celebrates all the many shades of sapphire. A ring can be a great space to allow your sapphire to cast its spell, like this ornate blue topaz ring that celebrates the many variations of sapphire for you to slide onto your manicured fingers this season.
Add something wild with a plum sapphire piece. This gem is a nice juicy color that has the clarity of sapphire. It’s classy and fabulous for any occasion that calls for a fashion-forward look. It’s especially nice as a ring with a white gold band or dangling earrings to pair with your new blue look.

Not outrageous enough for you? Have a look at makeup artist Pat McGrath’s latest take on lipstick. This futuristic look came from layering sparkling jewel tones on top of traditional lips. He added to the wow factor by having his models wear dark hoods to frame their faces and to really set off the space-age spangles. Perfection.

If you prefer to keep your blue on your body, try a nice cozy sweater in a cool, winter blue. The look is casual and on-trend all at once. It looks especially good with your latest pair of big, chunky earrings.