Right Tuxedo For Any Special Occasion Guest post

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Tuxedo For Any Special Occasion


​Sooner or later in life, every man will need a tuxedo. Special occasions require special formal wear, and no other garment will help achieve a look that makes you feel like a million bucks like a made to measure tuxedo.
If fashion is not your forte, worry not. Here are all the details you’ll need to find and wear the perfect tuxedo for that special occasion.

When to wear a tuxedo 
Tuxedos are a type of formal wear reserved for the finest of occasions. If you receive an invitation that calls for formal wear, you’ll need a tuxedo. These events are usually known as “black tie” or “black tie optional.”

The most common formal events which will require a black tie are:

  • A formal dinner party, like a fundraiser
  • The opera, ballet, or symphony
  • A formal ball
  • Your special day

For some men, most of these occasions don’t occur often, which means a lot of men do not have a tuxedo on hand for when a formal, black-tie event comes calling. If you fall under this category, don’t wait until the last minute to buy a tux. 

Creating a made to measure tuxedo requires more time and effort than choosing a suit off the rack.

A true made to measure tuxedo will require over 25 different measurements, done by a master haberdasher. After this initial consultation and several private fittings to make all necessary adjustments, your bespoke tux will be ready, usually in three to four weeks.

A guide to buying a tuxedo 
True, it’s possible to rent a tuxedo for a special occasion. But as a made to measure tuxedo is created specifically for your body type, not only will it fit better, but it will also be made of higher quality materials. So don’t be a fashion victim. Choose to splurge on a made to measure tux.

Now that you’ve decided to buy, let’s get you suited up the right way. Here’s a helpful guide to buying your made to measure tuxedo.

1.     Have the right tux made for the right occasion 
While the classic, conservative look is a timeless option, don’t think that it’s your only option. There’s a wide variety of styles available to men today. From the lapel to the collar and the material or color, every aspect of the tuxedo can be altered to create a personal look.

The first step in finding the right tux is knowing the event’s dress code. This will inform your decision-making process and make it easier for your master haberdasher to craft a tuxedo that complements the occasion and your own style.

2.     Know your budget 
The average cost of a tuxedo will vary according to several factors. Details that can raise the price of a tux include the tailor’s level of experience, made to measure options, and quality of materials. In the US, the average tux can go from $500 and up.  

But while the cost of a tuxedo can be jaw-dropping, remember, a tuxedo is an investment. A tuxedo is a staple of any modern man’s wardrobe. And for those who frequent more than two formal events a year, buying a made to measure tuxedo makes good financial sense.

What’s more, a quality, custom-fitted tuxedo will make you look and feel like James Bond.

3.     Work with your body shape 
To truly wear a tuxedo with all the style and charisma of James Bond, you need to work with the hand you’re dealt. This means the cut of your tuxedo should match your body shape. If you’re getting a made to measure tux, these details will be managed by your master tailor.

If you decide to buy a tuxedo off the rack instead, pay attention to the fundamental aspects. These aspects include the style of the tux (peak lapel, shawl, or mid notch) and the length of the jacket and trousers.

4.     Use the right terms 
Even if you’re buying a bespoke tuxedo, you should do your research and learn key tuxedo terms. Knowing key phrases or terms will come in handy when working with your tailor. You’ll feel empowered to ask the right questions and have a clearer picture of the process.

5.     Work with an expert 
A perfectly tailored tuxedo is no simple thing, nor is it an immediate thing. To get a perfect, bespoke tux, you need to work with an expert. This is where having a glossary of tuxedo terms come in handy.

Like finding the right barber or doctor, finding the right tailor all starts with establishing the right relationship. To ensure the tailor in question is reputable, look into their past. Gather relevant information such as their client list, reviews, and experience. 

The relationship you form with the tailor you choose will ensure you are always looked after for all your sartorial needs.

Finish off the look with the right details 
The finishing touches make for the perfect look. For any formal, black-tie event, some proper grooming is required.

 Likewise, the right accessories will further enhance your debonaire look. A dress watch, cufflinks, suspenders, and pocket square are some accessories you can personalize to match your unique style. 

But don’t go overboard with the accessories. The hero of this sartorial story, after all, is your made to measure tuxedo.

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