Surprising Ways to Lose Weight By Focusing on Food Quality - Guest Post

Surprising Ways to Lose Weight By Focusing on Food Quality

Weight lose
Weight lose

It’s not just about the quantity of foods that you consume, but also the quality. Merely calculating and restricting your calories intake won’t really serve the purpose of keeping your weight in check and those extra pounds that keep on accumulating every now and then at the bay. You need a revised model of weight loss and diet.

Having said that, we have a good news for you – “You can eat your cake” and lose weight at the same time. So open your mind and get ready for all the surprises that we are about to reveal so that you can lose weight while eating all those things that you want to but have been restricting till now just because you fear to add in those already residing stubborn fat cells.

Burning Calories

The current model that we have adopted to measure the energy and the calories is quite outdated. The amount of heat that the body burn is measures in the terms of calories, which is really absurd. Yet, we have been relying on the same model for decades.

Calculating just the calories consumed is completely inaccurate manner of gauging the impact that food has on your body. 400 calories of avocado are entirely different from 400 calories of sugar laden sweet box. The usefulness of the food is not at all taken into account while calculating the calories. The thing that we need to understand here is that while calculating the calories, it is the hormones that we need to take in consideration.

Hormones like insulin drive human body to put on weight, while hormones like glucagon assist the body in burning fat and losing weight. Remember that our body can use hormones either as fats or fuel, but (and this is important to notice) it cannot use both at once.

There is a definite requirement of new models that would measure the healthfulness of foods based on the responses of the body so that the healthy eaters and dieters can make the best choices accordingly.


Emotionally Satisfying Food

Food is eaten not just to nourish our body but also for social consistency and emotional comfort. The more you will feel uninspired and bored of your food, the more will be the chances for you to rebel against the healthy wishes and thus end up eating something exciting (but unhealthy).

We have some tricks for you to make your food healthy and appealing.

Figure Out What You Like

You might feel that it is such an obvious advice to give but there are many people who do not know yet that what is it that exactly give them a contented feeling. Do you like to have crunchy food or you like something smooth and creamy? Does spicy appeal you or your sweet tooth is more dominating? Next time you search for a recipe online, use ‘healthy’ as a prefix and see what you would like among the options.

Make It Look Amazing

Cooking good food is one thing but your food will not taste good unless it will appeal delicious to your mind and tummy. Communicate that how much you mean to yourself through the food that you prepare and eat. Take out some time and arrange your food in a creative manner or have a candle light dinner with yourself sometimes. These are some of the relative things that will give right signal to your tummy, making the food more scrumptious.

These are the little tricks that you can adopt along with using the fat freezing belt every day for one hour to get the perfect body shape. As for the cake, go for the raw option instead of baked ones. Include fresh fruits, dry fruits, and healthy fats to prepare something delicious for yourself!