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What to Wear on Your First Casting Call

Wear First Casting Call
Wear First Casting Call

​Many aspiring models think that to land a gig, they have to arrive at a casting call wearing their best clothes and looking really glamorous.
However, agents from the top modeling agencies in Sydney are quick to point out that brand representatives and designers already have a good idea of how they want their products to be perceived.
As such, they will have all the details ironed out including the model’s outfit, hair, and makeup during the casting call. During the actual casting call, the designer or their agent will simply be looking for the right person to fill that position.
​With this in mind, if you will be going to your first casting call, you have to look your best but also appear somewhat like a blank canvas. This will help the client or agent have an easier time imagining you in a variety of looks.
If you want to nail the perfect “blank canvas” look for your first casting call, here’s a list of what to wear and what not to wear:
1.    T-shirt or sleeveless top nothing shouts out the “black canvas” look than a plain black, grey, or white sleeveless top or t-shirt. By wearing such tops, the designer, brand rep, or agent can easily visualize you wearing their clothes in their print ad or runway fashion event.
However, make sure you wear a top with a collar that isn’t too tight around the neck. If you do, you will end up hiding your collarbones and neck – assets that you should be showing off during the casting call.
What not to wear: Bright and crazy patterned clothes. They simply distract the eye and easily turn off designers and modeling agents.
2.    Skinny jeans or leggings are the best options for ladies since they show off and elongate your shapely legs. It is best to wear dark or black denim since they are slimming and lengthening.
If it’s summer or really hot outside and you want to showcase your amazing legs, you can wear shorts. However, make sure you don’t have any bruises or scratches on your legs.
What not to wear: Pants or shorts that a lot of pockets or extra volumes such as cargo pants or shorts. They will make you look larger and bottom-heavy.
3.    High heel height is crucial for models, so wearing high heeled shoes on your casting call is a must.  Aside from adding inches of height, heels can also make your body look elongated and slimmer.
It is important that you wear comfortable shoes since you may be asked to show your walk several times; you don’t want to slip or take a tumble! Pumps are generally easier to walk in than strappy shoes, so wear or bring them during the casting call.
What not to wear: Wedges, platforms, or chunky-heeled shoes. They are heavy and won’t give you that elegant look and graceful body sway when you walk. 
4.    Light makeupAnother way you can nail that “clean canvas” look is to show up at the casting call with a clean, makeup-free face. But if you’re not too confident with your nude look, wear light, natural makeup.
This means using only a light concealer and foundation. Apply lip gloss or a light shade of lipstick as well. If you want to use mascara, go easy on applying it, too.
What not to wear: Heavy makeup. This will distract the decision-maker from your natural, gorgeous look and your potential.
5.    Natural nailsIf possible, keep your nails natural or nude as well. Make sure they are clean and white.
Go for a nude color or a clean French manicure if you want to paint your nails. However, dark and bright nail polishes are strongly discouraged.
What not to wear: Aside from dark and bright nail polishes, steer clear of nail designs, nail art and bling as they can be distracting. 
As a final tip, wear your hair as naturally as possible for the casting call.
Even if you have naturally curly hair, tame it but don’t go to the casting call with super straight hair. The client will not be happy if they picked you out because of your straight hair at the casting only to discover that they have to waste three hours trying to straighten it on the day of the photo shoot or fashion show.
When going to a casting call, remember that less is more.
However, this doesn’t apply to your footwear; the higher the heels you are comfortable wearing, the better.
Follow these simple tips, be professional, punctual and confident and, in no time, you will land not only your first modeling gig but even more of them in the future.
Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.